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The Main Security Strategies in Software Development
In the current digitally connected world, technology has covered a vast area in the life span of human beings. From shopping over the internet to making transactions into various bank accounts, you can grab the world at your fingertips. It has become a "Digital Era" with a massive increase in the speed and breadth of the knowledge turnover within the healthcare, economy, education, and society. With so much dependence on technology, we and our computer [...]
Closure Functions in JS
Closure functions are simply a function within a function. It's a bit of a mouthful, but closures allow you to write neat and robust code. There are numerous applications for them. For example, you can use them in your loops to get the current index, as shown below. With this, we can make a map function that returns an array. Loops are a fundamental part of programming, and often you'll need to use the same [...]
Improving Performance in a Hierarchical SQL Structure
Every business scenario has hierarchical data. The reporting tool of these procedures develops reports showing hierarchical tree designs. These types of reports are consistently an interpretation bottleneck for these approaches. This article gives a resourceful method of pulling the hierarchical data from the database. Let's take a look at it in more detail. Data Setup – A Simple Hierarchy CREATE TABLE dbo.MgrDir ( MgrID INT ,EID INT ,CONSTRAINT mdir_pk1 PRIMARY KEY (MgrID, EID) ); GO [...]
TOP-5 Most Private Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrencies have attained favor due to numerous aspects, including privacy and obscurity. There is a combination of technological approaches that cryptocurrencies employ to anonymize transactions. Which approach functions soundest to construct the most private cryptocurrency is a matter of discussion within the community. Some of them allow users to hide their identities and their transactions. Many of these coins have benefits over other big coins like Ethereum and Bitcoin. This post is all about the [...]
3 Restrictions on Indexing and Partitioning
There are three limitations to indexing and partitioning. A special index cannot be regional or non-prefixed. A transnational non-prefixed index is not possible. A bitmap index cannot be transnational. Why these restrictions? The reason could be that they are there to stop users from doing something mindless. Let's see more about this in detail. How Does It Work? Can We Have a Local Non-Prefixed Unique Index? What's The Reason for Not Having a Global Non-Prefixed [...]
Oracle Indexes Reduce The Performance: Explainer
Indexing strategy is complicated; it relies on numerous aspects, including database design, queries, and procedures employed. One of the broad suggestions is to form a clustered index on tables where information is always asked. Although some DBAs don’t like having clustered indexes on tables repeatedly put or edited, others consider that a clustered index on the correct column can enhance performance in these circumstances. Building a clustered index on each database table is favorably suggested, [...]
How to Block Access to WordPress Website from a Specific Country
If you see a spike in popularity from particular countries to your firm's WordPress site, along with a significant rise in spamming in remarks or through web forms, you may ban all access from those nations. It's also possible that if your site isn't useful to individuals in particular nations, you'll get minimal or zero visitors from them. Then there's a sharp spike, your server's capabilities are depleted, and your website suffers. Malware and bots, [...]
How Does MuleSoft Compare to Zapier
Zapier and MuleSoft are both cloud-based data connectivity solutions, although Zapier has been the more renowned of the two. MuleSoft, on the other side, is making gradual development owing to the capabilities it provides. Zapier is a one-stop shop for business automation. Based on specific occurrences, it activates operations in the same or distinct apps. MuleSoft, on the other side, provides a platform for connecting any software to any API. MuleSoft is a newcomer, while [...]
The Biggest Security Breaches of 2021
The number of people affected by a data breach in the year 2021 was huge. Data vulnerabilities due to a machine or human error are typically more subordinate risk because there is no sign the data was accessed, duplicated, or terminated from the disclosed database. Data breaches are not a momentary panic — they may alter the path of a company's life. Companies, administrations, and people alike can encounter massive difficulties from having sensitive data [...]
How Does Microsoft Flow compare with IFTTT and Zapier?
The innovative programs with a simple idea of purpose and impact are based on a simple concept. One action will cause any other activity. For example, if you need all your tweets saved into an Excel sheet or get each day's weather reviews despatched via electronic mail, those packages can automate those techniques. Flow is the most up-to-date automation tool at the block. It's restrained, and its integration with Microsoft apps and offerings. Flow works [...]