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How Converting HTML to PDF Streamlines Digital Transformation
Digital transformation is the need of the hour and an essential undertaking. In this age of information technology and rapid information flow, businesses must undergo digital transformation to stay relevant. Digital transformation starts by publishing your business' information on a website, allowing customers to view your products. It goes on to digitize all aspects of a business to solve operational problems. It makes businesses aware of the needs and expectations of their customers. Role of [...]
What Web Development Skills Only Come with Experience
Becoming a developer and learning a new web developing skill has never been easier before. On a very basic level, a beginner can start by learning HTML and CSS. HTML and CSS are relatively simple to understand because there are numerous online and offline tools available that help in speeding up the learning process. After HTML and CSS, JavaScript is another important skill that adds interactivity to otherwise static webpages. The next milestone in learning [...]
Data Processing with Google Colab.
Google Collaboration is a product from Google Research. It allows users to write and execute an uninformed python code using the browser. It is well suited for machine learning, data analysis, and education. Colab is a Cloud-based service, a server at Google runs the notebook rather than the user's local machine. Colab. as a Notebook Import Data in Google Colab. Input Data Manually The Clean Way Colab. as a Notebook Google Colab is running as [...]
Forgot to update the year in the footer again? Fix it once and for all with this simple javascript snippet
This article was updated on January 8, 2021. Initially published on January 14, 2019 It is this time of the year. I mean it is  2020 2021 already but many websites still have their footers showing previous year, like this " (c) 2018-2020". Someone was too busy and forgot to change the footer for 2021. Thanks to the Gods of Javascript and browsers, you can easily fix it with just one line of Javascript code once and [...]
Implement Dark Mode in Flutter
Dark mode in mobile apps is a popular feature nowadays. The latest versions of operating systems running on mobile devices are readily supporting dark mode incorporation. Dark mode themes not only provides a distinct visual impact but also aids human vision and device energy. Dark themes are proven to reduce eye strain on low-lighting conditions. It also reduces the brightness scope. Thus, decreasing overall power consumption on the device. Hence, the Dark mode feature in [...]
How To Bypass Screen Time On iPad Or How Modern Kids Are Hacking Famous Apple’s Parent Control System
Many parents worry about the increased usage of electronic devices by their kids. iPhones and iPads phones are in face portable game consoles, online chat devices, and  TV sets. Smart parents do want to limit the time which their sons and daughters spending on playing games, browsing social networks, and watching YouTube because it may take from 2 to 8 hours every day. Due to the growing demand from parents, Apple had introduced the so-called [...]
The Preprocessor Directives in C
The C preprocessor directives are executed before the compilation of a program. It is not a part of the compiler and it is a separate step in the compilation process. It instructs the compiler to do the required pre-processing before the actual compilation of a program. So it is just a text substitution tool. There are several steps present in between writing a program and executing a program. How does the preprocessor work? The programmer [...]
Predictive Analytics A-Z Tutorial
The field of Predictive Analytics is everywhere these days. We can hear about it in several and different areas like medicine, businesses, industries, and so on. But what exactly Predictive Analytics is? How can some algorithms predict the future, and what is the process to effectively apply Predictive Analytics? This article has the answers to these questions and other insights about this topic. In the next section, we'll be talking about what Predictive Analytics is [...]
What is SVG and its Importance
Web and formats go hand to hand. And, if you are new to the web, you will surely have been introduced to a bunch of them. One of the notable format you would surely have heard about is SVG. In this article, we will explore SVG, its history, and its importance in web development. So, by the end of the article, you will have a complete understanding of SVG and can use the knowledge in [...]
Image Data Extraction with Python
Humans understand the image and its content by merely looking at it. Machines do not work the same way. It needs something more tangible, organized to understand, and give output. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the process, which helps the computer to understand the images. It enables the computer to recognize car plates using a traffic camera. Ocr kicks in to convert handwritten documents into a digital copy. The primary objective is to makes it a [...]