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The Future of Blazor in .NET
People have always tried to find new ways to make advancements in the world of web development. Making web development easier will allow developers to focus more on other aspects and increase productivity. Blazor, a new web application framework, is the recent solution to making web development easier. Blazor can run .NET directly in the browser through WebAssembly which reduces the need for additional plugins or add-ons. Table of Contents: What is Blazor Need for [...]
Introduction to Quantum Computers
To put it simply, a quantum computer is a computer that utilizes quantum phenomena for calculations and computational purposes. But what does that even mean? What are these “quantum phenomena”? What benefits does this new computational technique offer? What are its practical applications? And are quantum computers going to replace classical computers? Well, here is a quick introduction to quantum computers discussing all these questions and much more. The Limit of Classical Computers - Why [...]
Basics of Using API in Javascript
The web development world is incomplete without Javascript as it has evolved from an essential add-on to a robust tool for developers in web development. It does not only work on the front or back-end but on both ends to create a prosperous website or application. Additionally, as the users need mechanisms to create a communication channel between their front-end and back-end, they create API endpoints to serve this purpose. Table of Contents: What is [...]
TOP-20 Interview Questions in Banking
When it comes to the banking industry's job prospects, many people, including newcomers and seasoned workers worldwide, choose to become a banker. Getting work in the banking sector isn't that straightforward. It needs the right academic credentials, competence, honesty, responsibility, determination, and expertise. Suppose you are interviewing for an entry-level job or a high-ranking position. In that case, the interviewer poses a lot of technical questions. So, here are some of the best banking interview [...]
TOP-22 AI Influencers to Follow on Twitter by 2022
Many people use Twitter to catch up with the daily news. More importantly, Twitter is now seen as the go-to source of the latest information for professionals and experts in the field of science and technology. Here is the list of the top twenty influencers in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) that you can follow to keep up with the latest development in AI and ML. Kirk Borne, @KirkDBorne Followers: +274K He is [...]
Blazor and JavaScript Interop
Although Web Assembly has the ability to end our dependence on JavaScript, JavaScript won't go away anytime soon. There's still a lot of stuff Web Assembly just can't do, particularly DOM manipulation. If you run the Blazor server side, you don't even have Web Assembly as a choice. So how are we going to cope with this problem? The solution to this is JavaScript interop. If we can't do what we need to use.NET code [...]
Deep Market Research: Freelance Platforms Comparison
Key Features and Benefits of Freelancing Platform: Every platform has its pros and cons, yet these platforms are helping freelancers to work and grow, Cited below includes the sneak peek comprehensive summary, indicating the major features of payment terms, security, methods, hidden fees, and service charges along with Hiring options and Membership plan for each platform. These guidelines will eventually turn into the key factsheet, guiding beginners with all the basic information needed to kick [...]
TOP-12 Best Steven King Movies
For years, filmmakers have immersed themselves in Stephen King's never-ending treasure of fantasy in the horror genre and beyond. Some of them were greater than most, but eventually, they all are fantastic. This article compiles the list of most acclaimed movies of Stephen King. Table of Contents: Dreamcatcher (2003) The Running Man (1987) IT (2019) Cujo (1981) Pet Sematary (1989) The Mist (2007) The Dead Zone (1983) The Shawshank Redemption (1994) Misery (1990) Stand By Me [...]
5 Projects That You Should Do To Master Modern CSS
Technologies always keep evolving. If you are a front-end developer, then you have to not only cope with HTML and JavaScript but also CSS. However, CSS not being a programming language can be a tough skill to master. That’s why, in this article, we will explore five projects that you should do to master modern CSS. But, you may ask, what is modern CSS? Modern CSS is all about using the new libraries, methodologies, and [...]
How To Install Apache Web Server On Windows
If you are into web development, sooner or later, you will find that you need a webserver to effectively work on your projects. Initially, it is easy to create an HTML file and run it via your browser. This approach is beginner-friendly and lacks the intricacies to handle a complex website creation. In this tutorial, we are going to look at the steps required to install Apache Web Server on Windows. However, before we get [...]