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Best Practices for Containers in Kubernetes
The container technology improved the way organizations maintain their application in production. This leads to mass adoption, and according to Gartner, organizations deploy 85% of their applications using containerized applications by 2025. In 2019, only 35% of the organizations used containerized applications. With containers making their way into the organization, it is only time we will see many players providing the service. Kubernetes is one of those services that offer popular containerized service. However, the [...]
How to Block YouTube, TikTok and Instagram on Your Windows Computer and in Your Whole Home Wi-Fi
Many parents worry about kids spending too much time on social media like YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, and others. There are a lot of hacks that teenagers and even pre-teenagers have invented over time: see this article for the details. Do I need a special router to enable filter what can be opened on my home Internet? Yes, it is possible if you have purchased a wifi router with so-called "parental controls" built-in. These models [...]
TOP-10 C Sharp Questions for Experienced Developers
1. Enlist the characteristics of the Unsafe Code. Characteristics of Unsafe Code are: Methods, types, and code blocks can all be classified as unsafe. In some circumstances, unsafe code might improve the efficiency of an application by omitting array bounds checks. To invoke native methods that require pointers, unsafe code is required. When you use unsafe code, you put your security and stability at risk. The program must be compiled with /unsafe to compile unsafe [...]
Javascript Programming Cheat Sheet for Beginners
Javascript, or popularly JS, is a text-based programming language. It is popularly used both for front-end and backend programming for client-side and server-side programming. The language is common;y used to impart an interactive element that allows the users to engage with the web pages. In addition, the language is used for updating content, controlling multimedia, and also for animating images. Javascript allows for creating dynamic and interactive pages by web developers. It is an easy-to-learn [...]
TOP-11 Interview Questions about Blazor
Q1. What is Blazor WebAssembly (WASM)? Microsoft presented Blazor WebAssembly as another way to deal with the use of the ASP.NET focus at the customer side. This is in ocean discharge till now (March 2020). Overcoat WebAssembly is a generally impeccable way to deal with making alone page applications for building intuitive client-side web applications with the power of C# on the client-side, which implies the program with the vocations of open web rules without [...]
TOP-12 JavaScript Advanced Interview Questions
You can easily bolster your chances of success if you prepare judiciously. Be it an interview or an examination hall. You need prudence and clever preparation tricks, and these both are pretty achievable. Below mentioned are some questions that can prove to be of immense help in your following interview.  Q.1 Define the specific role of “Close()” in JavaScript? Ans. The role of “Close()” is quite imperative in JavaScript since it helps the user in [...]
CouchDB vs. MariaDB
Database system gives a method for warehouse and access of the data. There are three principal varieties of database management systems, specifically OLAP(Online Analytical Processing Systems), RDBMS (Relational Database management Systems), and NoSQL. This article is all about the difference between two databases CouchDB and MariaDB. Let's take a look at it in more detail. What is CouchDB? What is MariaDB? Database in CouchDB vs Database in MariaDB Create a database in MariaDB Replication in [...]
How to Write Secure SQL Common Table Expressions?
A common table expression (CTE) is a collection of query outputs. Such query outputs are collected from an uncomplicated query defined within a WITH clause and which directly leads to a SELECT or INSERT statement. A CTE occurs entirely within the range of a particular SQL statement. One or more CTEs can be utilized with the many SQL queries. Let's take a look at it in more detail. Writing reliable code is a constant difficulty, [...]
TOP-12 Interview Questions on Spring
1. What is a Spring framework? Spring is an amazing open-source software program application machine made to lower the intricacy of big business enterprise software improvement. It is moderate-weighted and loosely coupled. It has layered structuring, which permits you to choose out the segments to use simultaneously and gives a robust device to j2ee software improvement. Springform is likewise referred to as the system of structures because it offers to assist unique systems, such as [...]
Most Popular Interview Questions on Ember
1. What is Ember? Answer:  Ember is an open-source JavaScript framework that is used by developers worldwide for creating web applications. It is based on the Model – View – View Model pattern. It is abbreviated as the MVVM pattern. Ember is the best choice when it comes to the development of single-page web applications and is the fastest running in the browser. It also removes boilerplate almost completely yet provides great standards of applications. [...]