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MicroPDF is a multi-row 2D barcode that is based on the PDF417 barcode symbology. Most businesses prefer it for small area applications because of its compactness. Often, manufacturers use MicroPDF along the PDF417 to label their products. It encodes up to 150 alphanumeric characters, using a limited set of symbols, which use a fixed level of error correction. MicroPDF Barcode Features Mode X:Y Ratio Code 128 Reader Initialization Symbol Disable Macro Character Substitution How to [...]
A MaxiCode Barcode is a scannable symbol that is similar to a barcode. But unlike a traditional barcode, it uses dots forming a hexagonal grid, instead of a series of bars. Businesses can use it to track and manage their shipments or inventory. It measures 1 square inch, with a symmetrical bullseye at its center, with dots surrounding it to form a hexagonal pattern. A MaxiCode Barcode can code up to 93 characters, and up [...]
In 1981, GS1 developed the GS1-128 Barcode using the Code 128 barcode technical standards. This barcode was formerly known as UCC/EAN-128, UCC-128, and EAN-128. The GS1-128 can store additional data, such as batch number, weight, quantity, manufacturing and expiry dates, and other data the user considers crucial. GS1-128 is made of six components, which are: Start Character A, B, or C Function Code 1 (FNC1) Element String Application Identifier Element String Data Field(s) Symbol Check [...]
Code 93 is a barcode that offers a higher density, efficiency, and data security than Code 39 barcode. It supports alphanumeric characters and can vary in length to accommodate more data. Like Code 39, its first and last symbols are not ASCII characters. But unlike Code 39, it has five extra special characters. Instead, a "*" designation is used. The encoded data comes immediately after the start symbol, followed by a two-character check-number. Code 93 [...]
ByteScout has released a group of web apps, very well-organized, and easy to use! OPEN BARCODE READER ONLINE BarCode Reader online helps to read barcodes online. It is a simple and easy-to-use web app. It allows multiple code readings of different formats. The tool's interface is very informative and helps developers in daily routine tasks. When you urgently need some barcodes reading and testing, you would probably require a tool like that. You can also check [...]
Barcode Reader ByteScout BarCode Reader is able to open and read barcodes from image files (PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF) and PDF files. Can also read barcodes from a Web camera - click here to learn how. Extracts decoded value as text that you can copy or save into a file. Key Features Supports all modern linear and multidimensional barcode types; Reads QR Code barcodes from JPG, PNG. Read QR Code from  TIFF, Read QR Code from [...]
Welcome to our quick guide from our tutorial series where we show you the steps to use the Bytescout Barcode reader. If you want to know how to read UPC barcodes with our freeware barcode reader tool follow this guide. This guide will show you the steps to read the UPC barcodes. First, let us read something about UPC barcodes. What Do UPC Barcodes Mean? Open Barcode Reader Freeware Open Your File in the Program [...]
Welcome to another tutorial for reading PDF417 barcodes with the ByteScout BarCode reader (freeware). This freeware tool is very easy to use and has an easy-to-navigate interface. If you want to learn how to read PDF417 barcodes using our freeware tool follow this tutorial. This tutorial will help you to understand all the steps of reading PDF417 barcodes using our tool. Before going to the tutorial let's discuss what are PDF417 barcodes. What are PDF417 [...]
Welcome to our quick guide on how to read DataMatrix barcodes with Bytescout BarCode reader (freeware). Our freeware tools were built keeping in mind that it is user-friendly, easy to use and very easy to understand. If you want to learn how to read DataMatrix barcodes using our BarCode reader, read the following tutorial. This will help you understand how to use the BarCode reader and how to successfully decode the DataMatrix barcodes. What are [...]
Welcome to our new tutorial on how to read Code 39 barcodes with our freeware barcode reader tool. This tutorial will help you understand all the steps including to read the Code 39 barcodes if you want to learn about it follow this tutorial. Before that let's discuss what are Code 39 barcodes. What Do Code 39 Barcodes Mean? Get ByteScout Barcode Reader Freeware Check out the Tool Window Start Decoding Get Your Results What [...]