ByteScout November Update: Check New Features and Tools
The ByteScout team has recently released a bunch of new versions for our most competitive SDKs and free tools! Free Online Apps Update We implemented new tools for helping developers to learn SQL. Among them you can already test: SQL trainer is an effective method to increase your SQL knowledge by using live data exercises for popular SQL queries.   Question to SQL is another great tool that generates SQL queries from the questions you put [...]
Security Focus: Repository & Versioning Platforms
Ordinary repository and versioning platforms like GIT and Subversion need security enhancement. This is because the current developer culture and typical coding practices lead to source code security vulnerabilities. In this ByteScout developer feature, we will explore repo and versioning platform enhancements which enforce security measures to prevent the attack. We will look at both software repositories and version control platforms because they work together functionally in continuous integration pipelines. Developer methods of building CI [...]
Predictive Analytics with Machine Learning for Real-Time Streaming Data
Predictive analytics continually expands on new frontiers with machine learning methods. Forecasting on real-time data sets and monitoring streaming data from IoT devices are among the most exciting applications today. ML algorithms process real-time data streams from devices and apps. And this animates apps with a “live” interactive and intelligent feel. A great variety of analytics platforms now offers every imaginable feature for developers. And We will explore the best of them in depth in [...]
MongoDB vs PostgreSQL: Which is Perfect For You?
MongoDB and PostgreSQL present us with two rich but different paradigms for database management. In this Bytescout developer intro, we will compare the features of these two paradigms in depth. To facilitate the best design decision for your project, we will reveal the nuances and distinctions of both Mongo and Postgre. Which DB is best for your enterprise? Relational databases, with SQL queries being the most widely used, constantly evolve with exciting new features. PostgreSQL [...]
Ultimate list of Windows Command Prompt commands
UIs in Windows allows doing a lot of tasks. However, UIs are human-friendly but not really computer-friendly: you can’t launch automatically a task that does “Windows (previously the start menu) > Shutdown button > Restart”. Windows command prompt commands and, in fact, commands, in general, are a mix between a programming language and actions you can do in the user interface. The purpose is to type a sequence of words that explains computer what you [...]
Low Code Platforms & Automatic Programming: Today and Ten Years Hence
Introduction Recent advances in automatic programming suggest that we stay vigilant to their potential impact in software development. Automatic programming is a branch of AI, and the point is to create a system which can design and implement computer applications automatically. Today, the most practical application of automatic programming appears in low code platforms. We will explore the current state of the art in automatic program synthesis, with an eye on the future. And we [...]
All About Progressive Web Applications and NewSQL
The point of progressive web apps is to make optimal use of the ever-evolving capabilities of browsers. One such advanced browser capability is to store data in a browser for offline app functionality. Browsers now use several NoSQL and NewSQL technologies for this purpose. Apache Ignite, and Google Spanner DB are popular NewSQL DBs. MySQL Cluster is an optimized and highly scalable new SQL interface. Offline DB management is the focus of our ultimate tutorial [...]
Ultimate Python Tutorial: Web App Security Analysis
Cyber forensics, also called computer forensic science, offers many fascinating branches to pursue. In this tutorial, we will focus on the particular branch of cyber security analysis with code examples using Python as our language of choice. In the course of our Python socket programming tutorial we will build an actual packet analyzer, sometimes called a network packet sniffer. We will talk specifically about SQL injection techniques and how to detect and thwart them. This [...]
Learn the Best Google Sheets Functions!
Google is the best thing that could have possibly happened to mankind in so many centuries. Not only Search engine, Google provides various amazing things like Blogger, website and wiki creation (Sites), Google Docs, YouTube and much more. We've already explored Microsoft Excel functions and features in the previous article. Google Sheets is one such amazing product. It has been the best alternative to Microsoft Office because of its easy to use interface, the ability [...]
Why Technical SEO is Important: JS and CSS for Website Optimization
Ah, SEO. Being ranked high in search engines' results is important for many website authors as - if SEO is done right - search engines generally drive visitors interested about your content to your website. But people think that SEO is only related to how you manage your content and which keywords you put on your pages. In reality, SEO is really broader than that. Don't forget that search engines are powered by bots - [...]