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C#: A Brief History of Microsoft’s Premier Language

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C#: Where it all started

C# is the premier language of Microsoft’s famous .NET framework. With huge success of JAVA and its WORA (Write once run anywhere) feature, big bosses at Microsoft started to think that there was a need of programming language that can compete with Java. As a result C# was developed which is strongly typed and fully object oriented. The first version of the C# was released in 2000 as an integral part of Microsoft’s .NET framework. Before C#, Simple Managed C (SMC) compiler system was used for writing class libraries. C# was one of the many languages designed for common language interface.

Authors of C#

C# was developed by a team of developers at Microsoft led by Anders Hejlsberg. Anders Hejlsberg had previously developed languages such as Embarcadero Delphi and Turbo Pascal. The development process was started in January 1999. Language was initially named COOL (C-Like Object Oriented Language). In July 2000, Microsoft announced .NET Project at professional developer’s conference. By that time, the name COOL was considered final. However due to trademark reasons, the language was renamed as C#.

Criticism and Opinions

Sun Microsystems’ co-founder Bill Joy and Author of Java James Gosling severely criticized C#. They maintained that C# was a downgraded version of Java with reliability, security and productivity removed from Java. Authors of stream books Angelica Langer and Klaus Kreft said that C# and Java have astounding similarities and C# lacks innovation. There is hardly anything that C# provides which Java doesn’t. However at July 2000’s developer conference, Ander Hejlsberg retaliated by saying that C# is much closer to C++ in its design rather than to Java.

Currently C# 6.0 is the latest version of C# which was released in July 2000.

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