What are Cloud Hosting Services for ASP.NET Applications (Part 1)

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If you have developed an ASP.NET and do not know where to deploy your applications, this article might be the one for you. In this article we shall review famous cloud hosting platforms for deploying ASP.NET based applications.
Window Azure is a platform as a service could hosting provider. Azure is a self-managed hosting service which saves developers from the OS configuration and maintenance headaches and lets them focus on the application development end. Therefore, if you are not looking for a specialized and custom-managed OS services, Windows Azure is the best solution for deploying ASP.NET applications.

For deploying ASP.NET based applications, AppHarbor is another PaaS based hosting provider. This is a completely managed cloud platform which offers easy code deployment. The working of AppHarbor is simple; developers upload their code to AppHarbor via Git, TFS, and Mercurial etc. The AppHarbor servers compile code and run unit tests on it and compiled assemblies are executed. This process can be tracked by developers via a dashboard. If everything runs fine, code is deployed to the servers. Developers can easily make changes in the code at run time which immediately takes effect.

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