Different Sources for Learning C# (Part 1)

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C# is Microsoft’s primary programming developed for .NET technologies. C# is fully object oriented, robust and type-safe language. C# is a must for anyone who wants to pursue a career in Microsoft development technologies. C# can be used simultaneously for developing web applications via ASP.NET, desktop applications via Windows Form and WPF, mobile applications via Windows Phone Development and game programming via Unity 3D. There are myriad of online resources available for learning C#. They are as follows:
C# is a Microsoft language and there is no better place to learn C# other than the Microsoft’s Virtual Academy. Microsoft Virtual Academy contains over 25 episodes of video lecture that contain all the fundamental concepts required to develop a full stack application in C#. Apart from language concept, the site also contains information about best coding techniques and practices.
MSDN is another Microsoft resource for learning C#. It contains several links to articles and tutorials explaining basic concepts in C#.