10 Free Video Footage Sources (Part 1)

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Multimedia integration is an integral part of a software based portfolio. Images and videos enhance look and feel of website, personal blog or an online shopping store. However, designing those images and videos is not an easy task. It can cost lots of money if professional video editors are hired. In this article, top 10 free video footage sources have been discussed. Here you can find free videos for your websites or any other purpose.
  1. VidsPlay

VidsPlay has got some of the most high quality video footages, though the number of videos on this site is limited but what they have is exceptional.
However, a particular drawback is that most of the clips are in AVI format which needs to be converted before using them in website or blogs etc.
  1. Archieve.org

Archieve.org is one of the oldest sources of free video footages online. There are more than 2000 videos available on this site which belong to  Prelinger Archive. Most of these videos are free for use however one should check the license before actual use.
  1. World Clips

World Clip contains video footages from all around the world. Most of these videos are absolutely free.
  1. Wikimedia Videos

Wikimedia videos is another amazing source of free online videos, images and sounds. The site has huge number of video clips covering wide range of topics.
  1. Free Animal Videos

Free Animal Videos, as the name suggests, contain video clips largely  related to animals and wildlife.