Technology Then vs. Now

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What’s something that you’ve used in the past technology related that has advanced ridiculously?

  1. The most obvious one are phones. Remember when corded phones were the norm and cordless phones were just coming out with only a few people on the band wagon? Now a days if you tell someone you have a corded land-line you get looks like you are living under a rock. 
  2. How about pagers? The fact that you carried around a box that people called leaving a message to have to call back from a phone seems so absurd now. 
  3. Paper maps. You hardly see anyone using them anymore because everything has made the move to digital. 
  4. Faxing. We still have fax machines in copy and print businesses, and government likes to request faxes still, but they’re finally on their way out. It completely obsolete when things like scanning and email exist. 
  5.  Music collections. Before we had to have the cd/record rack filled with music, now it makes more sense to do it digitally since you can access it anywhere and takes up zero physical space. Probably, it’s funny though because somebody still feels like collecting physical cds. 
  6. Books. There is something magic in real books. Yes! And that smell that comes with cracking an old book. That smell is so nostalgic. It’s nice however, that you can have practically any book read to you now, and there’s no way to keep knowledge exclusive. There’s even an app that can translate words in another language to English. 
  7. Postcards. Sometimes we send postcards from our trips because that’s fun.

photo credit: Vintage Postcard via photopin (license)