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Programming Learning: How to Start Learning Game Dev

Are there some of your questions how to start game developing below?

“I’m interested in learning a programming language with the ultimate goal of making a multi-player game.
I’m leaning towards development Javascript, because it seems like many online games write their games in it. My question is what else will I have to learn in regards to programming to get this made? The game will be mostly text based and easy on animation.”

If so, we have some practical advices for you:

  • Learning game development on it’s own is a project, let alone designing a multi-player game. It doesn’t seem like you’ve designed a single player game yet, which is something I would recommend. If you’re dead set on doing this right now, start with something that supports multiple users, but is basic like a chat app.
  • jQuery could be the way to go since you’re looking to make a text-based game and jQuery has the ability to handle simple animation.
  • To code a game you would need extensive knowledge in html, css, php and it’s functions to prevent security flaws and what not. Do your homework before making the dive, or you’ll wind up quitting before you start.
  • PHP is the best choice for back end development. Use it for creating a simple web-based game from links and websites, then you can implement JavaScript.
  • I’m not an expert but often hear about Unity used among game-development beginners.
  • Also, take a look at the free programming courses listed. Codeacademy really is engaging.
  • Sure thing, just take it slow and understand that it’s not going to happen over night. Development is a long term project.

photo credit: The Gathering 2009 Day Two/Three/Four via photopin (license)