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Programming Learning: Hardest part of learning Java?


Is programming learning hard for you? There are some opinions about learning Java:

  • Opinion 1. For those of you who have gone through Java lessons and teachings, what was the hardest part to understand? My main issue is still dealing with Generics. It’s much easier when you have methods with parameters to follow, but gets confusing when you’ve got to write your own.
  • Opinion 2. Generics and Threading came easy for me as I frequently used C++ STL and PThreads before learning Java. Collection API was probably the most difficult. I understood it but putting it to work and selecting which one was practical to use when was the difficult part.
  • Opinion 3. PerIn the beginning it generics for me too, but I’m more familiar now with what I can do with it. Native interface is difficult for me now, but I think that’s because I don’t have a lot of experience with it. Just gotta practice.
  • Opinion 4. I’m with you. Using generics was pretty straight forward for me, although writing my own generic classes wasn’t. Personally I was shocked with this:


Since NaN is the only JavaScript value that is treated as unequal to itself, you can always test if a value is NaN by checking it for equality to itself 
So it means that
NaN !== NaN
  • Opinion 5. I’m in the process of learning Java now, and I am at the stage of learning about class objects and permissions and soon inheritance and polymorphism. Mos of this is simple, but they’re fundamentals, and if someone hasn’t handled the concepts before learning them all at once can really give them a headache.



photo credit: Stump jumper via photopin (license)