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It’s clear that not everyone who visits the developer forums will be on the same level as everyone else when it comes to programming. You remembers when you first started out how confused you was as to where to even begin. It’s much easier to learn programming when you have a specific goal or project in mind. That being said, what are some projects could be recommended?


  • The first, check out checkio (Pun not intended). It acts like a game, except you practice coding skills to unlock new locations.
  • For users working with Java, we’d suggest building a Hangman game. There’s a great tutorial you can find here.
  • Learn how to make Fractals. Not only are they sick looking, but they teach you a lot of different things. There are loads of tutorials out there about it too.
  • Hands on Python Tutorial! It guides through what you need to know, and how to make it happen.

photo credit: intellectuals at home via photopin (license)