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Find images for your website (Part 2)

Death To The Stock Photo

This website is more so a newsletter than a image hosting site. The user can subscribe to a monthly email newsletter which will contain images licensed under the “Photographer End User License”. In English, this means that the user can modify and/or display the photos however they see fit, but cannot distribute them. This is because there is a premium option on the website for 10/month, which sends the user extra packs to their email and gives them access to future and past posts.

Google Image Search

If you’ve gotten to this blog, chances are you probably know all about Google and Google images. It only seems natural that you’d get your photos from Google after all. Just don’t go searching and picking anything for your website or blog however. Remember, you need to pay attention to the licenses. The good news is you can search whatever image keyword your heart desires and use Google’s advanced search tools to filter the results to show only those images which fall under the licenses you can use publicly. The link included links to images covered by the license that enables you to both use the image as well as manipulate it. 

photo credit: castgen via photopin cc