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Show & Tell : Landing that job!

1. Makeover a website of a local company

Everyone is on the internet and wired in at this point. Yes, even grandma. The company you’re most likely trying to land a job with most likely has a website, and if their local, most likely don’t have it updated too often. If you can come into the interview and show them that you took their frumpy cluttered website and turned into a sleek information station, you’ll gain their attention. 

2. Make an app

There are over 1,250,000 apps available in google play store alone. Major retail companies have joined the market with their own apps to help customers find products and sales their looking for. Even small time businesses look at apps like a light in the dark. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, even a simple to do list will show you’re able to put it together. 

3. Duplicate a website

This project will really test your knowledge and skills. Simply find an attractive website (within your skill range so you don’t get discouraged), and attempt to recreate, or clone the website as close as possible to the original. Include a snapshot of the original website as well as your own creation side by side, as well as the codes. Be sure to make a point to explain how the codes differ from one another versus how they’re similar.

In our previous article we touched briefly on the importance of having a portfolio to show to potential clients and employers, in this one we’ll go into more depth and give you some ideas to include in your portfolio that will turn those potentials into sales. At the end of the article we’ve included a list of tutorials to help get you started.

photo credit: TheeErin via photopin cc