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Best Freelance Websites for Developers, Designers and Writers (Part 2)


C:UsershpDesktopdownload (1).jpgStarted in 2003, Freelancer is ranked among the top three freelance websites on the internet at the moment. With a slick interface and more than 3 million projects live on average, freelance is considered freelancer’s heaven. At freelance, jobs are intelligently grouped into sections which make it easier for freelancers to find the job of their interest. For employees, there are lots of gadgets available which help them to choose a quality freelancer who is cost effective and reliable at the same time. Recently, vWorker and Scriptlance has also been acquired by Freelancer. Freelance is another must visit place for developers, designers, and writers in particular. With the help of this job platform, you can easily bid for freelance work or find a programmer if you are a company.
C:UsershpDesktopdownload (2).jpgGuru, as the name suggests is the place for all the freelancers who are gurus in development, design, writing or any other field. Guru has more than 200 job categories for gurus where freelancers can find the job of their choice. Payment mechanism of the guru is similar to elance where funds are held in escrow like payment system and are released once the job is complete.
C:UsershpDesktopdownload (3).jpgTo earn money at Fiverr as a freelancer, there are only two requirements: an internet connection and a PayPal account, rest depends upon your skills. Fiverr is has the simplest user interface amongst all the major freelance websites and this is one of the reasons for its immense popularity. For developers, writers and graphic designers Fiverr are one of the sites where you must sign up.