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7 Free Android Apps you MUST have (part 2)

read the first part here

  1. ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner

ShopSavvy barcode scanners allow you to scan any barcode and get the information about the product. This application then searches the internet and finds any contemporary products with better rating and prices and informs you about that. This is another must have application for your android device.
  1. Team Viewer

Team Viewer is a PC sharing application and it can be used to access and share a file system with others. Installing this app on your android device lets you access your PC over the internet and you can access all your files from a remote location. This is an exciting system sharing application and allows you to remotely control your system.
  1. Fundango Movies

Fundango Movies is a cool application for movie nerds; it allows you to check details of the movie, its rating, ticket availability and similar information. This application is one of simplest android applications available for movies information.
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