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How To Record Screencast or Video Tutorial For Your Software And Upload To YouTube in 12 Steps


  1. Write a brief scenario on what you plan to show and say for the screencast. Imaging you are telling about your web-site or product for invisible audience with internal notes on what to show.
    For example:Hi, our web-site is dedicated to bikes.

    You can view different models here..

    [open page with details for a bike]

    and you can view details for the selected mode

  2. Print the scenario and put it near your computer (or view it on your iPad other kind of similar device)
  3. Download and install freeware Bytescout Screen Capturing for Windows
  4. Run Bytescout Screen Capturing and click “Record Entire Screen” option to start recording.
  5. Read the scenario aloud while recording and record the screencast. Add pauses between different parts (you can cut unwanted pauses later)
  6. Press CTRL+SHIFT+F12 when done
  7. View the recorded video to see if all is OK. If not then apply corrections to the scenario and repeat steps 1 to 7 if needed to change the scenario or screencast video.
  8. Run “Windows Movie Maker” – built-in video editor that comes with Windows
    in Windows 7: you can find Movie Maker as Windows Live Video Editorin Windows XP: open c:Program FilesMovie Maker folder and run moviemk.exe file by double-clicking on it
  9. in Windows Movie Maker click “Import Video” and import your video
  10. You can cut unwanted video by clicking on the video track and pressing CTRL+L. This cuts the video at cursor location.If you want to make video snippet shorter then click on the end of video and hold mouse button and move it to the left to decrease the length
  11. Re-record voice (or add another sounds) using “Record From Mic” in Windows Movie Maker
  12. Export video to high quality .WMV file: in Windows Movie Maker select File – Save Movie File (ctrl+p).. Select “High Quality” option for exported video and save.Finally,  upload this resulted video file to YouTube
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