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Save YouTube to FLV video file using Movies Extractor Scout

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Movies Extractor Scout for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista allows to save flash movies from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers.

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Tutorial: Extracting video from YouTube and saving to FLV flash video file

This tutorial explains how to use Movies Extractor Scout to extract video from YouTube and save extracted video in .FLV file format. FLV video format is proprietary file format to deliver video through Internet. FLV can be played standalone (using freeware tools like FLV Player, embedded into SWF flash movie, converted to other video format.

Download and install Movies Extractor Scout.

Run Internet Explorer (Movies Extractor Scout supports Mozilla Firefox as well, but we use Internet Explorer for this example)

Open YouTube and watch any video movie:

open youtube video
Please wait until it will be downloaded up to the end ( see dark-red bar before the cursor):
flash video download indicator
Now click Movies Extractor Scout button on the Internet Explorer toolbar to launch Movies Extractor Scout:
save flash internet explorer plugin
Program will ask if you want to scan Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox and Opera cache now? Please answer Yes
extract flash from web browsers

Program will scan IE, Firefox, Mozilla and Opera browsers and you’ll see all available videos and flash movies at the left panel (“Extracted” list). First movie get_video[1] is video movie we’ve watched before in Internet Explorer.

Right-click on it and select “Save As FLV…” command:

save as flv command to save youtube flv
Save FLV As .. dialog will appear name saved FLV video and click “Save”:
save youtube files

FLV video is now saved as .FLV file in “My Documents” folder

You can open saved FLV later with Movies Extractor Scout and view it or use freeware external FLV video player (for example freeware FLV Player from

Double-click FLV video file and watch video using external player:

playing extracted FLV video using freeware FLV Player 1.3.3

That’s all. Movies Extractor Scout also supports playing of FLV video and supports FLV to SWF conversion and can save video as SWF flash movie (see example)

YouTube is a registered trademark of YouTube, Inc.

Please also check copyright tips for video content on YouTube