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How to convert SWF to EXE (projector) using Movies Extractor Scout

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Tutorial: how to convert flash SWF to EXE (Flash projector) using Movies Extractor Scout.

This page contains step-by-step tutorial that will teach you how to convert flash movie (SWF) to standalone EXE player using Movies Extractor Scout

First download and install Movies Extractor Scout

Now run Movies Extractor Scout :

Movies Extractor Scout main screen with the list of extracted flash movies

Movies Extractor Scout will display all cached flash movies that are available on your computer and were displayed previously in Internet Explorer, Firefox or Mozilla browser.

You can find lot of funny flash movies in theFunny Flash Movies section of our web-site.

Select flash movie and click “Save As Projector (EXE)” command in File menu:

Save As Projector command creates Flash projector file

Program will display Projector settings menu:

Path to Standalone Flash player

Select path to flash player if needed (you can find download link to standalone flash player here) and click Continue button.

[an error occurred while processing this directive]

Now Save Dialog will appear. Enter filename of .EXE that will be generated by Movies Extractor Scout from flash movie and standalone flash player and click Save button to generate .EXE:

Save dialog where you should enter filename to convert flash to EXE

Movies Extractor Scout will generate standalone .EXE that will play flash movie:

Standalone EXE generated by Movies Extractor Scout

Running this .EXE will open Flash Player displaying flash movie you’ve selected to convert:

Standalone Flash player

That’s all!

Movies Extractor Scout also capable of capturing frames from displayed flash movie into JPG, PNG, TIFF.