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Learn Tracking PDFs with Google Tag Manager
The PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the most important file formats. It is heavily used in various companies and industries for various purposes such as creating and sending reports, sales reports, documentation, and much more. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to track PDF files. To overcome this, there are various ways with the help of which one can track PDFs. Google tag manager is one of the solutions that can be used to [...]
How to Start Learning RPA
Increased adoption of the robotics process automation is turning heads. The emerging technology, although not new, is increasingly garnering attention from both individuals and organizations. Using RPA technology to automate business processes, according to McKinsey, can increase business ROI within the first year by up to 200%. Make Your Robots - Try RPA Tools Despite the promising high returns over investment, other businesses across the world fear being driven out of business within the next [...]
Forgot to update the year in the footer again? Fix it once and for all with this simple javascript snippet
This article was updated on January 8, 2021. Initially published on January 14, 2019 It is this time of the year. I mean it is  2020 2021 already but many websites still have their footers showing previous year, like this " (c) 2018-2020". Someone was too busy and forgot to change the footer for 2021. Thanks to the Gods of Javascript and browsers, you can easily fix it with just one line of Javascript code once and [...]
How To Bypass Screen Time On iPhone and iPad Or How Modern Kids Are Hacking Famous Apple’s Parent Control System
Many parents do worry about the increased usage of electronic devices by their kids. iPhones and iPads phones replaced game consoles, online chat devices like blackberry and Nokia, and TV sets but also they are super portable, can run a lot of different apps, and work all day on a single charge. As a result, they are much harder to control and easier to bring anywhere. Smart parents want to limit the time which their [...]
How to use Microsoft Teams on Windows
Explore how to use Microsoft Teams, which is a chat-based workspace available in Office 365. Microsoft Teams allows office teams to collaborate internally, and it is set to replace Skype for Business by 31st July 2021. Here is how to use MS Teams. Step 1: Setting Up Teams The first step is to access the Teams app. You can do it through your browser, by downloading the desktop application or downloading the mobile app. While [...]
How to Use Zoom for Small Groups Online
Zoom supports hosting meetings of small groups of up to 100 participants for 40 minutes or less. If you want more time, you can choose a Pro subscription for $14.99, which allows small groups of up to 100 people, to hold meetings of up to 24 hours. Furthermore, only the host needs to get a license, which makes Zoom perfect for small meetings. In this Zoom guide, you will discover how best to use Zoom [...]
How to Prevent, Solve and Test SQL Injection in PHP?
An SQL Injection Attack is presumably the simplest crime to prevent while being one of the smallest defended against modes of attack. The focus of the attack is that an SQL call is connected to the back end of a form entries in the web or application front end, with the purpose of destroying the fundamental SQL Script and then operating the SQL script that was included in the form fields. This SQL injection most [...]
How to Join Hack The Box?
Penetration testing is the most important job in the world of security. Many online platforms allow users to practice their penetration testing skills. Hack The Box is one of them. It is primarily an online platform to examine and improve your abilities in penetration testing and cybersecurity. It includes various challenges that are regularly modernized. Some of them resembling real-world situations and some of them inclining more towards a CTF technique of challenge. Let's take [...]
How to Setup and Use Multiple Git Repositories for One Single Project
If you are working on a big project, then it is inevitable that you need to work with multiple repositories. That’s why you need to sync your local code base with multiple Git remote repositories. For example, if your source code is: On Github for issues tracking On Heroku for production On Some Other Git repo Here is the step-by-step instruction on setting up a project to sync with multiple git repositories. For example, we [...]
How to Make Your Economy Flight Comfortable
A long haul economy flight with little legroom can take a toll on your body and mind easily. However, there are 12 things you can do to make your flight feel more like a business class flight. Read on to find out what they are. 12 Ways to Make Your Economy Flight Comfortable Drink Water Regularly You can feel refreshed throughout the flight by drinking more water. Water helps to keep your body's cells and [...]