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How to Start Learning RPA
Increased adoption of the robotics process automation is turning heads. The emerging technology, although not new, is increasingly garnering attention from both individuals and organizations. Using RPA technology to automate business processes, according to McKinsey, can increase business ROI within the first year by up to 200%. Make Your Robots - Try RPA Tools Despite the promising high returns over investment, other businesses across the world fear being driven out of business within the next [...]
Best Advice on How to Learn RPA
Robotic process automation (RPA) is an important emerging technology in streamlining various processes in business operations. More companies across the globe are increasingly adopting RPA to improve their productivity and reduce costs, among other great benefits. RPA uses software robots to automate repetitive tasks in business processes that often tire human labor. Business intelligence developers, business analysts, system integrators, data or solutions architects, and system administrators are some top users of RPA. They complement their [...]
How to Manage Security Risks in RPA
Data Security is often neglected in the modern-day world, where data is the new oil. Any company's information once leaked may be prone to threats you can't even imagine. Moreover, in the new generation of automation, which has helped a lot in minimizing the errors and speed up the process, security threats have reached another level. So, let's explore how does the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) deal with security, or it doesn't at all. Risks [...]
How to Find Coworking Space in a New City
The advent of fast internet access and increasing use and innovation of mobile devices has revolutionized the workspace. And, with new ideas of doing business always popping up, co-working was born. Although the idea of co-working spaces began in America’s Silicon Valley, it has moved beyond the American borders to the rest of the world. The trend has grown in popularity over the years, not just in America, but worldwide. Large and small companies, remote [...]
How to Find All You Need at StackOverflow
Are you a software developer who loves coding? If so, then you may have heard about Stack Overflow. You probably love it and use it often if not every day. If not, you’re in the right place to learn about this platform. Whether you’re experienced, a beginner or just contemplating starting a programming career, you’ll find Stack Overflow time-saving, and easy to use. The content posted on the platform is what makes it valuable. As [...]
How to Find a Trending Idea for a Startup
Are you looking for an idea for your startup? The modern society is linked to many vices, but it presents unlimited opportunities for starting and running a successful business like never before. With internet access and increased use of mobile devices, the potential is further scaled up to another level. With almost every physical store running an online business, the competition has never been tougher. Business growth in the modern world is widespread and occurs [...]
How to Work Remotely from Another Country (Tips and Tricks)
Working remotely might be tough or funny if you have never done it before. I will share a few stories with you so that you know what to expect. Learn some tricks on how to be a remote developer and live a paradise life in a faraway country. Many people are afraid to start traveling and working at the same time. It happens even when they actually work from home. Why? What factors take you [...]
How to change WP theme on a multilingual WordPress website
In this article, we will explain the process that needs to be done when changing a WP theme on a multilingual website. The website is You can check it to see how it looks like when everything is done. Here are the steps you should follow to change WP theme smoothly: Make a backup Create a Child Theme Create the Main Page Header and Footer changes. Main menu setting. Setting widgets for sidebars Customization [...]
How to Use Git Version Control System
Git version control system is a way modern developers are tracking changes in the code and files for their applications. Git was invented by Linus Torvalds while he was working on the Linux operating system in the 2005 year and it is widely adopted by commercial and opensource software developers since then. There are 2 major and free online services where you may check existing open-source code and Gitlab. Both of them allow their [...]
How to visualize content of Arrays in Visual Studio while debugging .NET applications
Debugging is an essential part of software development. Programmers are running their applications and checking if algorithms and workflows are working as expected. There are so-called "debuggers" which are special utilities designed to interrupt applications and provide information about states of variables, their values. Visual Studio by Microsoft is the ultimate debugger for .NET desktop and web applications. It provides a lot of features and functions helping programmers to debug and inspect their apps faster [...]