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Anki Method for Language Learning

Anki is an exciting tool that allows users to learn many concepts including language in a repetitive manner. For the years, this tool has become quite popular as millions of users from different countries make use of Anki to learn new languages. Due to the success of the Anki method, several other language learning tools have sprung up to provide users with different experiences. Just like Anki, most language learning methods make use of some form of repetitive learning method to ensure their users comprehend and assimilate new concepts.

This article is going to provide a highlight on some of the more popular language learning tools that make use of the repetitive learning methods. The tools that are going to be discussed are listed and discussed below.

  • Anki
  • Brainscape
  • Quizlet
  • Memrise
  • Duolingo

Anki for Language Learning


The Anki app is a repetitive learning tool that allows users to study and memorize information of a language using flashcards. At the core of the Anki is the spaced repetition system that is a cognitive technique that allows for quick and strong memorization of words. Anki is a Japanese term that means memorization and its algorithm was initially developed for the SuperMemo learning technique developed in the 80s.

With the help of the spaced repetition system, the Anki app automatically grades flashcards as they are being shown to a user in accordance to the time spend reading each. When a user spends a lot of time on a flashcard, the Anki algorithm assumes that more learning time is required for the information on the flashcard. Therefore, the flashcard is shown more often to the user until mastery is attained. On the other hand, the flashcards that a user spends little time on are shown less often.

Anki is available on most operating systems and it allows for seamless integration of flashcards from one device to another. A user can include third-party add-ons onto the application to better their experience. Additionally, the Anki app has a platform called Shared Decks, which allows users to exchange decks of flashcards on a wide range of topics.


Brainscape is an adaptive application that allows users to study using flashcards. It is available on the web and mobile devices. The Brainscape platform allows users from across the globe to create and upload flashcards, which can be used by teachers, students, and any individual that is interested in learning any concept. The application uses a cloud-based storage system to store flashcards, which can be used by other users.

Just like Anki, Brainscape also uses spaced repetition technology to facilitate the process of learning and memorization of any language. Therefore, the more familiar information that is contained on a flashcard is shown less often, while the information that is less familiar to a user is shown more often. Brainscape achieves this by allowing a user to rate each flashcard. Afterward, the algorithm of the application calculates how frequently it should display each flashcard.

Brainscape gives users access to electronic flashcards, different learning modes, and dashboards for teachers. The concept of the application was first developed by Andrew Cohen, who was trying to learn new languages. Andrew first developed an earlier version of the software on Excel.


Quizlet was created in 2007 by Andrew Sutherland. Andrew initially developed the application when he was studying French. The success of his initial application gave birth to Quizlet. It is an application that allows users to create and review flashcards for a wide range of topics. It is suitable for students from all across the globe.

Unlike other repetitive learning tools, Quizlet uses a combination of flashcards and games to facilitate the language learning process. Over the years, Quizlet has become so popular that over 300 million flashcards have been produced by users from different parts of the world. Likewise, the application has about 55 million active users and is amongst the top 50 websites in America.

The flashcards used in Quizlet are similar to physical flashcards. A user has the option of putting a word, a phrase, or a picture on either side of a flashcard. Also, a deck of flashcards can be viewed in a mode called Gravity. As a result, flashcards with words are arranged like an asteroid. The Gravity option is an adaptation of a racing game called Space Race.


Memrise is a UK-based application that lets users learn new languages using spaced repetition system on flashcards. The application has several games, funny chatbots, and thousands of videos of native speakers of different languages. It offers users access to flashcards for different languages on the official website and mobile application. Also, it has about 40 million users.

ED Cooke created Memrise in 2012 after winning a competition. Since then, the platform has grown significantly to become amongst the best repetitive language learning tools.

In addition to using spaced repetition system, Memrise allows users to study while gaming. Many users have found using the application fun and it eases their ability to learn new languages and memorize new concepts.


Duolingo app is free software that works on all the popular operating systems and devices. At the core of Duolingo is a fun gaming experience that makes learning a new language exciting. Courses are arranged as a game where a user earns points for each win and gets to move from one level to another. Within each level, a user gets to access several resources, which include speaking, translation, listening, and much more. Furthermore, each stage is allocated a score and a minimum amount of score must be attained before the next task can be accessed.

Users from all around the world find Duolingo as an easy platform to learn different languages. Although the application is free, users do have to bear the occasional advertisement that pays for having the service. Apart from that, users have access to over 10 languages with comprehensive tools for mastering each language within a short period.


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