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How to use Microsoft Teams on Windows

Explore how to use Microsoft Teams, which is a chat-based workspace available in Office 365. Microsoft Teams allows office teams to collaborate internally, and it is set to replace Skype for Business by 31st July 2021. Here is how to use MS Teams.

Step 1: Setting Up Teams

The first step is to access the Teams app. You can do it through your browser, by downloading the desktop application or downloading the mobile app. While we are going to use the desktop app for this user guide, the steps are similar when using the other Teams apps.

How to use Microsoft Teams on Windows

Step 2: Familiarize Yourself with Teams Interface

The Teams interface has three main sections, which are the App bar, Command bar, and display section. When you click or tap, or type something on the App bar or Command bar, you get the results of your activity on the display section.

Teams App Bar

The App bar, which is located on the left of the Teams app, has the most menu icons, which you will be using to access Teams’ features. Starting from the top, this is what to expect.


Use the Activity icon to access replies, see mentions, and other important notifications.


The Chat allows you to view the one-on-one or group chats, as well as your contrast list. You can also use it to start a chat with your contacts or groups.


Next is the Team icon, which you can click to view teams in which you are listed as a member. You can also use it to create a team (channel), add people to your teams, or access FAQs about teams.

How to use Microsoft Teams on Windows

Meetings – Available on the Premium App

You can view all your upcoming meetings by clicking on it, and it syncs with your Outlook calendar. So, it will list any meeting on Outlook as well.

Calls – Available on the Free App

The Calls icon allows you to access your contacts, view call history, add or call through speed dial, and listen to your voicemail.


With files, you can view all your Teams’ files from one location, and it also connects you to other storage spaces such as your Business or personal OneDrive, as well as your local Downloads folder.

Use Microsoft Teams


You can click on {…}, to access any apps that you have connected with Teams or the channels within Teams.


If you click on apps, you will get a list of apps that you can add for yourself or your team.

Command Bar

Use Microsoft Teams on Windows

The command bar is the next important feature on Teams. It allows you to type various commands using either “/” or “@”, to list and execute them. Just type “/” or “@”, then scroll down to the command you want to use, and press enter or tap.

Profile Icon

You can also manage your Teams app or account by clicking on the profile icon, which is located on the top right. Use it to edit your profile, change app settings, and other Teams app management tasks.

Microsoft Teams Overview

Conclusion – How to Use Teams

That is all you need to do to use the Teams app. We hope you found this Teams user guide to be informative and engaging. What is your experience using the free or premium version of Microsoft Teams? Please share it in the comments section below.


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