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How to submit an ideal customer support request

Customer support is very important and we all love to be treated like a valued customer. However, sometime when we are requesting support to solve complex technical issues, the process may take a lot of time. But the good news is that if we (customers) can provide a bit more details about the issue then customer support specialists may directly forward it to the technical department. And then the whole process will be much faster.

We’ve asked our ByteScout Customer support engineers for ideas on what kind of information helps them to resolve issues much faster compared to the usual loop of the question -> answer -> request for more information -> answer -> request for more information -> final answer workflow.

Based on their responses we’ve composed the set of rules to speed up the response and the resolution time when sending a request for technical support for technically complex products (like ByteScout’s tools for developers):

  • Send one question at a time. If you have multiple questions then you should better create a new request (or send a new email) for each question. Different questions are routed to different engineers so no need for the support engineer to wait for all answers to send them as a single reply but instead can send replies as they arrive from engineers.
  • Shortly describe the issue in the subject. It will help to quickly classify the issue and the engineer who can handle this particular ticket without analyzing the description of the ticket. Also, it helps to re-route the ticket automatically which will also speed up the response time.
  • Please include additional details. If you think that some details are important then feel free to include them in the initial request! Because the more information engineers initially have the better they can resolve the issue.
  • When possible, when you send a reply by email please do not answer inside the original message but on top of the quoted reply. The thing is that most customer support tickets services handling replies the way that they cut out the quotation even if you changed or answer inside the previous message. So it is better to provide the answer on top of the previous message.
  • Add files or documents related to the issue. If you have issues with some particular documents than a sample file would help without any doubts. But do not share private or confidential documents without permission from your clients or customers (or if you don’t have an appropriate agreement to share documents and files for the purpose of fixing technical issues).
  • Add the email address of the customer support to your Address Book. To make sure that you will see all replies notifications in your email mailbox and that replies will not be occasionally marked as unwanted emails, just add SUPPORT@BYTESCOUT.COM to your address book. You may do this in Gmail by clicking on the drop-down menu and selecting Add to the Address book.

With these simple rules, you can expect faster replies from customer support from almost any company. We are at ByteScout value our customers and doing our best to provide them with high quality “developers to developers” customer support that they can rely on when dealing with various issues related to the data extraction and document processing.


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