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3 Restrictions on Indexing and Partitioning
There are three limitations to indexing and partitioning. A special index cannot be regional or non-prefixed. A transnational non-prefixed index is not possible. A bitmap index cannot be transnational. Why these restrictions? The reason could be that they are there to stop users from doing something mindless. Let's see more about this in detail. How Does It Work? Can We Have a Local Non-Prefixed Unique Index? What's The Reason for Not Having a Global Non-Prefixed [...]
All You Need to Know About eCommerce Testing for a Better Website Experience
As an eCommerce owner or developer, you need to make sure that you meet not only the operational functionality but also cover the security aspects as well. The eCommerce business is growing at a rapid pace and many businesses fail to provide a completely secure user experience. That’s where we come in. In this article, we will explore the steps required to do proper eCommerce website testing. It will ensure not only a secure site [...]
How to Block YouTube, TikTok and Instagram on Your Windows Computer and in Your Whole Home Wi-Fi
Many parents worry about kids spending too much time on social media like YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, and others. There are a lot of hacks that teenagers and even pre-teenagers have invented over time: see this article for the details. Do I need a special router to enable filter what can be opened on my home Internet? Yes, it is possible if you have purchased a wifi router with so-called "parental controls" built-in. These models [...]
TOP-15 Interview Questions in Swift for 5 Years Experience
Swift is a strong programming language from Apple Inc. You can quickly learn this programming language. This was built for Apple devices such as macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. This is how we see the fast success of Apple products with a fast code that is designed to operate safely without any disruption or delays. So, here are the top interview questions in Swift for 5 years of experience that will help you to find [...]
TOP-14 Interview Questions in Swift for Beginners
Swift is a programming language used to develop software owned by Apple Inc. like macOS, tvOS. Programming using swift is fun and easy to use and has gained popularity over the years. So, you may be asked questions about Swift if you go to a job interview. To help you out, here are the top interview questions in Swift for beginners. 1. Define Swift and its differences compared to Objective-C Answer: Both Swift and Objective-C [...]
How to Cancel Your Subscriptions in 2021 and Save $1,000+ Per Year or How to Find All Your Subscriptions and Save Money By Cancelling Them
If you need to save some money and want to take your spending under control then it might be a good idea to cancel some of your online subscriptions. Why? Because if you have just three to five subscriptions that are $19.99 each and you do not use them actually then canceling them will easily save you $1,200 per year! See it yourself: For example, you have five subscriptions You pay $19.99/month for each subscription [...]
How to Use Anki for Foreign Language Learners
Learning a new language can be a tricky activity. People may spend hours trying to master a single new word without making much progress. As the use of portable devices increased over the years, the art of learning new languages got a little bit easier. Also, several individuals have developed several tools and computer-based applications to ease the art of learning new languages. One such tool is Anki. Anki is an open-source application that is [...]
Anki Method for Language Learning
Anki is an exciting tool that allows users to learn many concepts including language in a repetitive manner. For the years, this tool has become quite popular as millions of users from different countries make use of Anki to learn new languages. Due to the success of the Anki method, several other language learning tools have sprung up to provide users with different experiences. Just like Anki, most language learning methods make use of some [...]
How To Install Apache Web Server On Windows
If you are into web development, sooner or later, you will find that you need a webserver to effectively work on your projects. Initially, it is easy to create an HTML file and run it via your browser. This approach is beginner-friendly and lacks the intricacies to handle a complex website creation. In this tutorial, we are going to look at the steps required to install Apache Web Server on Windows. However, before we get [...]
How to Test Responsive Web Design Cross-Browser Compatibility
If you are building for the modern web, then you have to design your application responsive. Before you ship your application, you need to make sure that the application runs perfectly across browsers. The need to do a cross-browser compatibility test stems from the number of available devices out there. The smartphone boom has made the web accessible to everyone, but at the same time, it has made it harder for developers to ensure that [...]