The PDFDoc Scout SDK product has been acquired by Lionsoft company in January, 2011 and not available on our web-site anymore.

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How to draw a circle on the page in PDF document made with PDFDoc Scout library

How to draw a circle on the page in PDF doc created with PDFDoc Scout library: 

Download example source code: (10,6 KB)

Screenshot (view produced pdf):

drawing circle in PDF documements using PDFDoc Scout library
 ' create PDFDoc object
 Set PDFDoc = CreateObject("PDFDocScout.PDFDocument")
 ' initialize library
 PDFDoc.InitLibrary "demo", "demo"
 ' set output filename for PDF document
 PDFDoc.OutputFileName = "pdfdocscout_example_circle.pdf"
 ' automatically open generated PDF document in default PDF viewer application
 PDFDoc.AutoOpenGeneratedPDF = true

 ' starts PDF document generation

 ' add Circle
 PDFDoc.Page.AddCircle 100, 100, 50
  ' to make drawn objects visible you should call .Stroke method

 ' close pdf document generation

 ' disconnect from library
 Set PDFDoc = Nothing

Download example source code: (10,6 KB)

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