Movies Extractor Scout Lite allows to view flash movies, videos and animation extracted from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers.

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Features that are not included into LITE version:

# Can save extracted flash movies into SWF file or to EXE file (so called “Projector” files) (see tutorial);

# Can set flash movie as Desktop Wallpaper (check example)

# Can automatically play flash movies in the order they are listed. If you want to see your favorite flash movies, simply click the first flash file and the rest of them will be shown automatically in the order they are listed;

# When adding a flash file to the Favorites list, the file is automatically saved onto your hard-drive. You can make copies of it or e-mail a link to the file later;

# When the full screen mode is activated, the task panel is removed, so you can watch your flash file as if it was a movie;

# Can capture and save frames from flash movie to JPG, TIFF, PDF or PNG image;

# You can scroll through flash files using your keyboard, even in the full screen mode;

# and more!

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