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November 29, 2006

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Bytescout Software

Extract Streaming Flash to Your PC – Movies Extractor Scout 2.31

Have you ever tried to download a Flash movie from the right-click menu only to discover that there was no ‘Save Target As…’ option? Remember how you felt when you realized that the cool movie you wanted to have in your PC collection was actually streaming video and you could see it only online? Well, if you are still interested in the ability to download Flash from the Web, you may want to give Movies Extractor Scout a try.

Movies Extractor Scout 2.31 from Bytescout Software is an interesting program that lets you save Flash movies from any web page that sits live in your browser window. The latter may be Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firebird, or Opera. The program also has an ability to scan PC hard drives for Flash. With Movie Extractor Scout in place, millions of Flash movies, funny animations, and Flash games located on internet resources like YouTube, Google Video or About.com become freely downloadable just like ordinary image files. But that’s not all! The program offers you some cool ways to handle Flash movies on your computer.

Extracted streaming video can be saved as an SWF file to the local hard drive disk and played at any time in the built-in player, which has a rewind option and a full-screen support. Additionally, Movies Extractor Scout allows you to convert Flash movies to Windows Projector files (.exe), which can be played even if there is no Macromedia Flash player installed on the system. This feature is especially convenient if you want to share the movie with other people but don’t know whether they have Macromedia Flash plug-ins or not.

One of the coolest features in Movies Extractor Scout is an ability to set a Flash movie as ‘live’ Windows desktop wallpaper. This feature is a great way for many users to personalize their desktop to fit their mood. Simply select a Flash clip with your favorite band or singers and let them cheer you up right from your desktop! If you ever wanted to make your friends jealous, this ‘live’ Flash desktop is the most artistic and visually impactive way to do this.

Many Flash movies contain beautiful images and texts that you’d like to use for your own purpose. Let’s say, for example, you found a very beautiful prose on an animated Flash postcard and would like to congratulate you beloved or friend with these words. Movie Extractor Scout will extend you its helping hand by offering an ability to extract and save the text (as well as JPEG images) from Flash animations. Additionally, there is an ability to make screenshots of scenes in Flash and save them as JPEG, TIFF, PDF, and PNG image files.

Explore Bytescout’s site at https://bytescout.com to learn other interesting features in Movies Extractor Scout. Some areas of note include a set of tutorials on how to save Flash video from YouTube and Google Video, how to set a Flash movie as desktop wallpaper, how to extract text and images from a movie, etc. There you will also find a Funny Flash Movies collection and an evaluation copy of Movies Extractor Scout so that you can try its functionality right now!

Pricing and Availability
Movies Extractor Scout 2.31 runs under all versions of Microsoft Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP and costs $14.95 (USD) for a Personal License. For other types of licenses, please refer to https://bytescout.com/purchase.html. Licensed users are entitled to technical support and upgrades free of charge for 12 months from the date of purchase. Additional information on the product, as well as its free evaluation copy is available from https://bytescout.com.

About Bytescout Software
Founded in 2003, Bytescout Software is a technology company, developing internet applications, Flash multimedia software and ActiveX components. Bytescout’s premier products include Post2Blog, a fully-fledged desktop blog editor; SWF Scout library, an ActiveX programming library for SWF Flash movies generation from Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET; Movies Extractor Scout, a tool to save Flash, shockwave, video movies from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera; SWF To Video Scout, a tool to convert SWF Flash to AVI video with sound. For more information, visit https://bytescout.com.


NOTE TO EDITORS: Please, let us know if you have questions or would like any additional information on Movies Extractor Scout. Contact at press@bytescout.com to get more information. A free registration key is available upon request to all editors considering a review.

Product page link: https://bytescout.com/moviesextractorscout.html
Download link: http://s3.amazonaws.com/bytescout.com/files/MoviesExtractorScout.exe (1.3 Mb)
Company website: https://bytescout.com/