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RPA vs JavaScript Programming
The technology world is full of surprises. Of course, we all understand that remodeling a business composition isn’t always worthwhile. It needs a lot of improvement and a lot of investment (time and money). You may not have the leisure to develop from the ground up. That’s when computer science enters with amazing tools like RPA or programming benefits like JavaScript. Let’s take a look at the difference between RPA and JavaScript. What is RPA? [...]
The Future of Blazor in .NET
People have always tried to find new ways to make advancements in the world of web development. Making web development easier will allow developers to focus more on other aspects and increase productivity. Blazor, a new web application framework, is the recent solution to making web development easier. Blazor can run .NET directly in the browser through WebAssembly which reduces the need for additional plugins or add-ons. Table of Contents: What is Blazor Need for [...]
Blazor and JavaScript Interop
Although Web Assembly has the ability to end our dependence on JavaScript, JavaScript won't go away anytime soon. There's still a lot of stuff Web Assembly just can't do, particularly DOM manipulation. If you run the Blazor server side, you don't even have Web Assembly as a choice. So how are we going to cope with this problem? The solution to this is JavaScript interop. If we can't do what we need to use.NET code [...]
Ultimate Comparison: RPA vs Excel Programming
RPA and Excel both are responsible for bringing a revolution in the computer science world. RPA is responsible for bringing automation while Excel too is responsible for bringing a kind of automation in processing large sets of data but it is a little different from RPA. This post explains the difference between RPA and Excel. RPA  EXCEL Robotic process automation (RPA) platform is used to develop a software robot (or ‘RPA bot’) to reproduce the [...]
Trello vs Jira vs Slack
With the increasing adoption of technology in all aspects of present-day life, it’s no wonder that a tremendous variety of project administration instruments have been produced which help leaders, managers to swiftly manage their day-to-day work. The following is the comparison between these three tools. Trello vs Jira vs Slack. Let’s take a look in more detail. JIRA TRELLO. SLACK. The important distinctions: Trello vs Jira vs Slack Trello VS Jira vs. Slack – Frequently [...]
MongoDB vs Oracle Detailed Comparison
MongoDB is one of the most popular NoSQL databases that use documents in its arrangement, while Oracle is a relational database management system that uses Structured Query Language to maintain data. Both MongoDB and Oracle can be installed and used on all major Operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix, etc. An Oracle database is known for databases, tables, and data, whereas a MongoDB is composed of documents in the fields. This article will explain [...]
MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle are relational database management systems. The major difference between these three databases is that MySQL is open source whereas PostgreSQL is an open-source database management system and Oracle database is developed by Oracle corporation. These three databases support various programming languages. For instance, MySQL supports Java, C++, TCL, Perl, and Haskel. Oracle and PostgreSQL to support various programming languages. Summary Trigger Index Backup Package Restore Performance Tuning Many database administrators think [...]
Cobol vs Fortran Ultimate Comparison
COBOL and FORTRAN, both are pretty old programming languages, known for their use-cases. Cobol stands for Common Business-Oriented Language, whereas FORTRAN stands for Formula Translation. In this article, we will explore the core difference between Cobol and FORTRAN. But, before, we do so, let's quickly take a look at their origin history. FORTRAN was created by John Backus at IBM. He did it in 1957. It was mainly aimed at computers and hence known as a [...]
MSSQL vs Oracle
MSSQL and Oracle are relational databases. They both are identical but different in various ways. They both store data in an organized way for querying. MSSQL is a relational database management system of Microsoft while Oracle RDBMS is a relational database management system of Oracle corporation. Both these databases are widely used by many enterprises for creating robust applications. This article will describe the technical difference between both databases. Summary MSSQL Create Database vs Oracle [...]
RPA and Java do not need any introduction being the most popular terms in Software and Automation industries, nowadays. But the comparison of RPA and JAVA is just like the comparison between Apple and Orange and hence without doing any further delay, let us explain the major difference between these two terms. Tool Automation vs Programming Language One Area vs Multi Areas Expertise Buzzword vs Expert Drag & Drop vs Code Learning Curve Mutually Exclusive [...]