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List of Frontend-Backend Technology in Trends
With the rise of new technologies, the scope of software development is developing remarkably. The use of advanced frontend and backend technologies is necessary for robust mobile and web application development. Here is the list of top frontend and backend technologies in trend in 2020. Top-5 Frontend Technologies In plain terms, it is a collection of technologies that are utilized in expanding the user interface of web applications. Npm Npm is also called Node Package [...]
Learn How to Operate with Azure SQL Database
Azure SQL Database is a cloud database service that is a high-performance, scalable, consistent, and secure database that can be used to develop data-driven applications. This general-purpose relational database can be used for different structures: for example, relational data, JSON, and XML. A Simple Table Azure SQL – Analysis and Transactional Processing Azure SQL Service Tiers Threat Detection How To Query a database in Azure SQL Database? How to Create a routing table for the [...]
TOP-15 Artificial Intelligence Books for Beginners
In 1956, computer scientist John McCarthy coined the term Artificial Intelligence (AI). Decades later, research, funding, and massive technological advancement have brought the reality of its potential to virtually every sphere of society. But as an area of computer science, AI isn't particularly an easy field for non-technical beginners. What with demands like having a grasp on maths, logic as well as a basic understanding of human intelligence? For those starting, it becomes a tricky [...]
TOP-35 Programming Books in 2020
Successful programmers love reading different coding books. Reading is an essential part of the programmers’ life. Reading and practicing are two signs of an exceptional programmer. Great programming books include concepts and approaches, algorithms that have been performed in their authors' cognizances over and over, clarified and fixed before confined to paper. Here is the ultimate list of top 20 programming books that every programmer must-read in the year 2019. Here's the list of books [...]
TOP-10 Places to Get Designs for Your Website
Web design refers to the layout and Outlook of your website. Web development, on the other hand, refers to backend coding for a website. Having a fantastic design is integral to the success of any website. Several websites deal with the sale and purchase of web design. This article contains brief info about the most famous web design sites. ThemeForest Template Monster Canva StudioPress 99Designs Webflow Ucraft Colorlib Google Web Designer 1. ThemeForest ThemeForest is [...]
Best List of Software Project Management Tools
Software project management tools are software tools that help automate the process of software development lifecycle. The development process involves many intricacies ranging from team communication to production schedules.  Handling these tasks manually requires much effort and time, and the output is still erroneous. Software project management tools to manage more efficiently and in a timely fashion. The following are some of the popular software project management tools. MS Project Basecamp Unfuddle Trello TeamGantt Asana [...]
TOP-10 Landing Page Creation Services
The landing page is an important cog in a conversation chain. Most people set lofty goals for their landing pages but the majority of them fail due to one main reason. They don’t know where to start. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a developer or learn any programming skills to create really mind-blowing landing pages. You can produce fascinating landing pages without any hassle with the help of some amazing tools explained in the [...]
Java or C# – Programming Advice
Should you learn Java or C#? Which one is best for your project? If you here, you will find out as we go through a comparison post for Java vs C# programming. Before we start, it is important to know that both the programming languages are modern programming languages that fit most of your programming needs. We will go through their differences; you will be better positioned to decide which one is a “better” pick [...]
TOP-12 FREE Programming Courses and Apps for Kids
Have you ever struggled to find games that are fun but also educational for kids (your son, daughter, nephew)? Here is a list of free programming courses and apps for kids. It's time to try programming learning together with your kid! 1. Scratch Animation http://scratch.mit.edu A website provided by MIT that lets children of all ages bring animated characters to life with code commands. 2. Kodable Pro – iOS APP https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kodable/id577673067 An app for iPad that [...]
Programming Learning: Hardest part of learning Java?
First introduced in 1995 by Sun Microsystems, the programming language has become one of the most popular programming languages. Oracle released the latest version of Java 14 in March 2020, and it finds the language running on more than 3 billion devices globally. But just how widely Java is used is evident in the fact that most desktop and mobile apps require Java installation to work properly. Java is platform-independent, meaning that any developer can [...]