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TOP-40 Programming Books in 2023
Successful programmers love reading different coding books. Reading is an essential part of the programmers’ life. Reading and practicing are two signs of an exceptional programmer. Great programming books include concepts and approaches, algorithms that have been performed in their authors' cognizances over and over, clarified and fixed before being confined to paper. Here is the ultimate list of the TOP-40 programming books that every programmer must read in the year 2023. Here's the list [...]
How to Use Anki for Foreign Language Learners
Learning a new language can be a tricky activity. People may spend hours trying to master a single new word without making much progress. As the use of portable devices increased over the years, the art of learning new languages got a little bit easier. Also, several individuals have developed several tools and computer-based applications to ease the art of learning new languages. One such tool is Anki. Anki is an open-source application that is [...]
Anki Learning Method Medical Students
For most medical students, learning is an everyday affair that must be done. Most medical students spend a large portion of their lives learning new concepts and solidifying known ideas. With a large number of materials and textbooks to read through, the learning process can sometimes be a hassle. However, with the help of the Anki learning method, many students have significantly simplified their learning process. As a result, several students that make use of [...]
Anki Method for Language Learning
Anki is an exciting tool that allows users to learn many concepts including language in a repetitive manner. For the years, this tool has become quite popular as millions of users from different countries make use of Anki to learn new languages. Due to the success of the Anki method, several other language learning tools have sprung up to provide users with different experiences. Just like Anki, most language learning methods make use of some [...]
List of CLI Commands for Angular, React, Vue
Technology is driving today's world. Many new technologies, programming languages are responsible for various pathbreaking software applications. This post is all about CLI commands of Angular, React, and Vue. Angular is Google's child, while React is created by Facebook and Vue is an open-source project. Angular CLI commands Angular CLI is one command-line tool that is used to start, create, structure, and support Angular applications. Following are the Angular commands: config: It is the most [...]
List of Frontend-Backend Technology in 2021 Trends
With the rise of new technologies, the scope of software development is developing remarkably. The use of advanced frontend and backend technologies is necessary for robust mobile and web application development. Here is the list of top frontend and backend technologies in trend in 2021. Top-8 Frontend Technologies In plain terms, it is a collection of technologies that are utilized in expanding the user interface of web applications. Npm Npm is also called Node Package [...]
List of Free, or Premium Learning Resources
In today's digital age, there are hundreds of excellent learning resources on the world wide web. As a result, with a little bit of effort and commitment, an individual can get an outstanding education without stepping foot into any of the major colleges around the world. The best part is that a large portion of these resources does not cost a dime. The resources that are accessible at a fee are significantly less expensive than [...]
TOP-12 Interview Questions in HTML and CSS
HTML Interview Questions 1. Describe the two types of web storage in HTML5. Answer: the two types of storages in HTML5 are Local storage: this storage property allows data storage without any expiration date. The storage of data for the given website is done on a permanent basis. It will not be deleted even if the browser gets closed. This means data will be stored till the next day, week, or year unless it is [...]
TOP-15 Intermediate Interview Questions for PHP Programmers
Q1. How to determine the 'truth' of any value of non-boolean type? The rules are as follows: A number value is false if it is exactly equal to zero and, otherwise, true. If the string value is empty, has no characters, or is '0', it is false and, otherwise, true. Null-type values are always considered false. If the array value has no other values, it is false. Objects containing value refers to a member variable [...]
What Web Development Skills Only Come with Experience
Becoming a developer and learning a new web developing skill has never been easier before. On a very basic level, a beginner can start by learning HTML and CSS. HTML and CSS are relatively simple to understand because there are numerous online and offline tools available that help in speeding up the learning process. After HTML and CSS, JavaScript is another important skill that adds interactivity to otherwise static web pages. The next milestone in [...]