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Anki Learning Method Medical Students

For most medical students, learning is an everyday affair that must be done. Most medical students spend a large portion of their lives learning new concepts and solidifying known ideas. With a large number of materials and textbooks to read through, the learning process can sometimes be a hassle. However, with the help of the Anki learning method, many students have significantly simplified their learning process.

As a result, several students that make use of Anki are able to read and assimilate large chunks of medical information thereby easing their pathway to becoming medical doctors. The process of learning is best done using the Anki software application, which is available on a wide range of mobile devices.

Anki for Medical Students

Anki App

Anki is basically a software application that repetitively uses flashcards that aid learning with ease. The application is free on computer devices and costs $25 to use on iOS and Android devices. The Anki app uses the spaced repetition system in a manner that ensures learning. As a result, a medical student that uses the Anki app to learn medical concepts or topics gets quizzed or test more on the knowledge that they find difficult to assimilate. On the other hand, a student is tested less often on the easy knowledge, which they have perfected.

The use of the spaced repetition system has shown that students that have used such technology to study have achieved far greater assimilation and comprehension. Several types of research have been conducted, which have highlighted the effectiveness of the technology behind the Anki app.

A medical student is at liberty to create their own custom deck of flashcards that relates to any subject matter for free. On the flip side, a student is able to access flashcards that have been made by other users on the Shared Decks site of Anki. Within that platform, a user will find a wide range of ready-made flashcards on different medical topics, which can be downloaded and used for free.

Making the Best Out of Anki

There are a number of ways a medical student can make the best out of Anki flashcards as they try to master their medical profession. Some of the best ways are discussed under a few headings.

Creating a Custom Anki Flashcard

For many medical students, creating their own custom flashcards is far more effective than using those developed by other users. The reason is that each medical student is different from another. Therefore, by creating their own unique flashcard, a medical student can include information that is most critical to their comprehension.

Using Multiple Reliable Sources

Many medical students keep a couple of medical textbooks next to them as they create their unique flashcards. By doing so, they ensure that they are inputting accurate information onto the flashcards. Once the information lifted out of the textbooks becomes clear, many students tend to keep their textbooks and concentrate on the flashcards.

Including Source of Information

Additionally, many students include references within the Anki flashcards. By adding the name of a textbook or paper and page number on the answer side of the flashcard, a medical student can quickly reference information when needed especially when in doubt.

Creating Flashcards During Lectures

Many other medical students make effective Anki flashcards while listening to their instructors as they deliver lectures. Doing this ensures that invaluable information and experience that is not always available in textbooks is captured and mastered.

Swapping Anki Flashcards with Friends

Likewise, it is also a good idea for medical students that are friends or study together in study circles to exchange flashcards. Doing this is perfect during examination periods. Also, flashcards that are developed by like minds are usually easy to comprehend and utilize.

Organize Decks of Flashcards

To get the best out of Anki flashcards, medical students must ensure they organize their decks of flashcards. Although, students are encouraged to organize decks in the format that is most suitable for their comprehension, organizing decks according to topics has been proven to be quite effective. Therefore, each deck of flashcards will better serve a medical student if it covers one topic at a time. For example, a medical student should have a deck for surgery, pediatrics, neurology, and so on. Having such a system makes the learning process easy. Furthermore, under each broad topic, a number of small topics should be included within a deck. A well-designed set of decks can make studying, referencing, and searching easy.

Using the Anki App

The Anki app is available on both computers and portable mobile devices. Therefore, medical students should choose the platform that they are most comfortable with. Nonetheless, the same spaced repetition system is used on each platform. Therefore, the Anki app tries to display harder questions or information more often and displays more familiar information less often. Some of the benefits a medical student should take advantage of are highlighted below.

Ease of Memorization

It is a known fact that some medical terms are difficult to memorize due to the complexity of such words in writing and pronunciation. As a result, many medical students try to cram information. Although cramming may work, without sufficient comprehension of concepts, a student can easily mix-up ideas. However, the Anki method allows for memorization easily and intuitively, which does not exhaust the learner. A medical student can continue to learn while eating, resting, or riding a bus while using the Anki app.

Take Advantage of Shared Decks

Although medical student can create their own custom flashcard deck, they can easily gain access to several flashcards on the shared deck platform of the Anki app. A student may be lucky enough to find a well-designed deck of flashcards that they can use to study for a test or an exam. A student that develops their own custom flashcard is also at liberty to share with the community. Some of the most commonly used medical flashcards are on physiology, pathology, and microbiology.


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