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How to Extract PDF Information and Convert into Google Sheets
PDF is an application utilized for communicating comprehensive information from one system to another. This electronic format allows the users in obtaining large data over various platforms efficiently and quickly. The PDF file format is free from the computer operating system. This quality makes the PDF file format portable and cooperative on any system. It can include hyperlinks, text, and much more. Hence, PDF is extensively utilized by users all over the world. Users face [...]
How to Test Responsive Web Design Cross-Browser Compatibility
If you are building for the modern web, then you have to design your application responsive. Before you ship your application, you need to make sure that the application runs perfectly across browsers. The need to do a cross-browser compatibility test stems from the number of available devices out there. The smartphone boom has made the web accessible to everyone, but at the same time, it has made it harder for developers to ensure that [...]
Learn Tracking PDFs with Google Tag Manager
The PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the most important file formats. It is heavily used in various companies and industries for various purposes such as creating and sending reports, sales reports, documentation, and much more. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to track PDF files. To overcome this, there are various ways with the help of which one can track PDFs. Google tag manager is one of the solutions that can be used to [...]
Data Processing with Google Colab.
Google Collaboration is a product of Google Research. It allows users to write and execute an uninformed Python code using the browser. It is well suited for machine learning, data analysis, and education. Colab is a Cloud-based service, a server at Google runs the notebook rather than the user's local machine. Colab. as a Notebook Import Data in Google Colab. Input Data Manually The Clean Way Colab. as a Notebook Google Colab is running as [...]
What Does Google Know About Me?
The information economy is normally driven by data. Even though Google has information on several things; personal data has been considered lucrative. Google accumulates large amounts of personal data which has been used for monetary benefits in several ways. By analyzing websites browsing history, YouTube watch history, Google Assistant, Google Maps searches, purchases made through Google or Google Assistant and finally data like purchases, flight reservations, and many other data extracted from emails you receive [...]
TOP-5 Google Docs Tricks for 2023
1. Clean up formatted text in Google Docs When you copy and paste the text into your documents it is often passed along with various formatting, font styles, etc. You may quickly clean it up using a hotkey. Select text snippet to clean up and remove formatting from Press CTRL + \ (on Windows) or  COMMAND + \ (on Mac OSX) to clean up all the formatting from the selection. 2. Quickly create a new document from Address [...]
Learn the Best Google Sheets Functions!
Google is the best thing that could have possibly happened to mankind in so many centuries. Not only Search engines, but Google also provides various amazing things like Blogger, website and wiki creation (Sites), Google Docs, YouTube, and much more. We've already explored Microsoft Excel functions and features in the previous article. Google Sheets is one such amazing product. It has been the best alternative to Microsoft Office because of its easy-to-use interface, the ability [...]
How to add GDPR compatible dynamic cookies consent in 20 minutes using Google Tag Manager
TL;DR: Step by step implementation of cookies consent for WordPress websites that take around 20 minutes and rely on Google Tag Manager and the code from Daniel Setzermann update: June 6, 2018 (improvements to cookies bar: larger button, now suggests user accepted if the user clicked on any link on page EXCEPT Privacy Policy) update: June 4, 2018 (improvements to cookies bar) IMPORTANT: The information you obtain in this article is not, nor is it [...]
How to Use Google Fonts in Desktop Programming
Web-safe fonts give you total control and certainty that your web app - and now your WPF desktop app - will visually render exactly according to your design specifications. Now that AngularJS and Node.js and other tools are making it possible to create Single Page Applications which function like desktop apps, the distinction between desktop apps and web apps is blurred in a positive way, especially from the user’s point of view. In fact, as [...]
Debugging JavaScript code using Google Chrome Developer Tools
JavaScript is a client-side programming language that helps developers add interactivity to their web pages on the client-side. Since JavaScript runs within a client’s browser, it is extremely fast. Typically, JavaScript is typically used to perform client-side validations, add dynamic effects and perform animations. In the inception stages of the World Wide Web, the browsers were not sophisticated enough and it was extremely cumbersome to debug JavaScript. However, with time, browsers evolved and JavaScript debugging [...]