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TOP-5 Google Docs Tricks for 2023

1. Clean up formatted text in Google Docs

When you copy and paste the text into your documents it is often passed along with various formatting, font styles, etc. You may quickly clean it up using a hotkey.

  • Select text snippet to clean up and remove formatting from
  • Press CTRL + \ (on Windows) or  COMMAND + \ (on Mac OSX) to clean up all the formatting from the selection.

2. Quickly create a new document from Address Bar

Instead of creating going to Google Docs, you may use a special link that was made by Google to speed up new document creation

  • open a new tab in a browser (CTRL+T on Windows or COMMAND+T on Mac OSX)
  • type in an address of a website and press Enter
  • this will create a new Google Docs document and will open it immediately. You may also use to create new spreadsheets this way.

3. Easily Navigate Between Sections in your document

When your document is long, you may quickly navigate between sections using navigation automatically generated by the editor from headings in your document. It collects titles and headings and you may jump between them.

  • Set formatting for each section’s title to Heading 2
  • Now enable the document outline. In the menu select File – View – Show Document Outline
  • You will see the list of titles and you may click on them to jump between sections

4. Quickly Set a link for text selection

If you are using a lot of links it is useful to use a hotkey instead of right-clicking with your mouse.

  • Select text you want to set a link to
  • Press CTRL+K (Windows) or COMMAND+K (Mac OS X)
  • Type the link and press Enter to enable the link for the selected text

5. Add To-do task and assign it to another person

You may use comments as to-do tasks and even assign them to others.

  •  select text and create a new comment.
  • in the comment type the plus symbol +
  • it will show a list of your contacts. Now tag someone you want to assign this comment to, for example,
  • [ ] Assign to John” checkbox will appear as well. Put the checkmark into this checkbox to assign this comment to this person
  • You may always re-assign the comment to another person by adding a new comment and tagging another person like this: 

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