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TOP-10 Plugins in 2023 that make your WordPress Website Speedy and Rich

The speed of the website is one of the most important criteria, speaking about the quality of the website. Especially in our time, when a person got used to receiving information quickly. And small delays in sending this information from the website will lead to the fact that a person will go to search for another faster website where he will not have to spend time waiting.

Therefore, it is important to give the website speed maximum attention.

If you use WordPress, then there are some plugins that can help you a lot on the way to fast speed.
By installing these plug-ins and adjusting them a little, you can sometimes achieve a significant increase in the speed of displaying pages on the WordPress website.

In this article, I will highlight the top 10 plug-ins that will make your website fast in 2023, and users will stay on it longer, enjoying surfing the pages.

Well, let’s go.

1. Smush – Image Compression and Optimization

Let’s start by optimizing the images.

In order for the pages with images to open as quickly as possible, the images should be as TOP 10 Plugins in 2022 that make your Website Speedy and Rich. But at the same time, the pictures should remain of good quality, so that would look nice.
For image optimization, there are some applications, such as Photoshop and other utilities, or you can optimize on online services (for example

But you will have to upload pictures to your computer and optimize pictures individually or in groups. But still, it is long.

Garage is easier to install the WordPress plugin, which, when you press one button, will find all the pictures of the site on the hosting, and optimizes them to the required size/quality (you can specify in the settings).

Smash plugin has long existed and proved to be excellent. It has a lot of optimization options. The plugin itself finds all the pictures on the host and optimizes them. But there are some limitations (maximum picture size, how many pictures can be optimized at a time), which can be removed only by purchasing the pro version.

2. Robin image optimizer — save money on image compression

Robin image optimizer also a great plugin for image optimization. It has quite a lot of settings, but the main advantage of this plugin is above the previous one, this is something that it is free, and there are no restrictions on optimization.

3. Fast Velocity Minify

Minification is the process of removing unnecessary or excessive data (comments, unused code, replacing the names of functions and variables with shorter ones), and this does not affect the display of the page in the browser. At the same time, minification reduces the size of files (javascript, CSS, HTML), hence their loading is accelerated.

Fast Velocity Minify minimizes CSS and JS files using PHP Minify. The plugin also combines CSS and Javascript into groups of files, while trying to use as few files as possible to reduce the number of HTTP requests to the server. You can also enable asynchronous as well as CSS preloading.

4. WP Fastest Cache

Plugin for caching generates pages of your site in the form of static HTML pages and saves them on hosting. And when a user requests a page of a site, this static HTML page is given to it, instead of being generated by the PHP script again (which is of course much longer).

WP Fastest Cache creates and saves static HTML pages from your dynamic WordPress blog. Users already receive static HTML pages.
Other functions are also available (Minify CSS and JavaScript, Combine CSS/JS).

5. Litespeed Cache

Litespeed Cache besides directly caching pages can do a lot of other things (Minify CSS, JavaScript, Load CSS/JS Asynchronously, Combine CSS/JS, Image Optimization, and others).

6. Advanced Database Cleaner

It is important to get rid of old unnecessary and unused data in the database. Such as spam, draft, post revisions, and more. This will reduce the size of the database, and therefore speed up your WordPress website because it will speed up the work of scripts with the database.

Advanced Database Cleaner cleaning database, deletes unused items (old revisions, old drafts, various trash), and optimization of the database.

7. Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

Another plugin for cleaning and optimizing the database. The functionality is similar to the previous one, I advise you to install both, and choose the one you like the most.

8. a3 Lazy Load

Lazy Load is the so-called image loading process as you scroll the page. That is, the images are downloaded from the server to the user’s page, just before the user scrolls the page to the place where they are located. This speeds up page loading, but also saves bandwidth for users who do not scroll the page all the way down.

a3 Lazy Load is especially focused on mobile devices, nevertheless, it is also perfect for desktop versions of the site. The plugin is pretty easy to use.

9. Hummingbird Page Speed Optimization

GZIP provides complete lossless compression, and the raw data can be fully recovered when decompressing. It is based on the DEFLATE algorithm, which uses a combination of the LZ77 algorithms and the Huffman algorithm.
Compression allows you to reduce page sizes up to 70%! What can significantly speed up the loading of pages?

Hummingbird Page Speed Optimization is a multifunctional WordPress plugin, its main features:

  • GZIP compression
  • Performance reports (speed tips)
  • Asset optimization (minify and combine files)
  • Caching suite

10. Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster

Asset CleanUp scans the pages of your site and detects all downloaded assets. You can choose the assets that are unnecessarily loaded on this page. For example, some plugin generates files for all pages (in cases when they are not used), while they are used only on several pages (often for one page only).

There are many other features and settings (decreases number of HTTP requests loaded, removes conflicts between theme and plugins, reduces the HTML code).


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