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Best Handmade Teas for Developers

Handmade Teas for Developers

There are plenty of reasons, both physically and emotionally, to drink tea. Teas are unique in that they add minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to otherwise regular water. It also includes a small but powerful flavor boost for an even better experience.

Considering its low artificial flavorings or additives, it has become a great alternative to sugary and carbonated drinks. When you are involved in stressful and time-consuming jobs such as being a developer, a warm cup of tea can go a long way in offering you moments of relaxation, or even higher quality of sleep.

Certain teas can actually heighten your energy levels as well for those pesky and complicated programming tasks up ahead.

What is handmade tea?

Thanks to this new craze for healthy eating, which I am all for considering all the facts, many companies have resorted to haphazardly applying the label handmade or handcrafted to their products without it being 100% authentic.

Real handmade tea is as the name suggests, made by hand throughout the whole process, packaging included. Partially handcrafted tea means that certain steps are done by hand while others are done with machines. No matter what type of tea you choose to drink, either from those small tea bags in a box or using the natural plant, they are both delicious and beneficial!

Each method, handcrafted and mechanically processed, has its pros and cons. Instead of making it a heavy debate about which is best, instead, enjoy your teas and give it no second thought. The best kind of tea is the one that you have at your disposal.

Getting to know the types of teas

With so many different types of teas to experience in the market, you may be wondering how they are categorized. In essence, tea can be divided into 6 categories that are commonly heard: yellow, green, white, black, oolong, and dark. Each category of tea has a particular taste, color, and consistency.

Due to a full oxidation process, black teas are robust and tend to be dark brown or even black. They will also contain a higher caffeine level than other teas.

Dark tea has a smoother and slightly sweet flavor to it. It is an aged probiotic tea that originates in the Hunan and Sichuan provinces. Oolong tea is more fragrant and has an intriguing flavor to it due to its partial oxidation.

Green teas have less caffeine and are heated to abruptly stop the oxidation process, leaving leaves with subtle flavoring that many love. White tea is the lightest, or most delicate, of all the teas. They go through zero oxidation and have a more sweet flavor to them.

Puer tea comes from China and is the most mysterious of all, being strong, deep, and earthy. Yellow tea is rarer but similar to green tea without the grassiness.

Amazing teas to try if you are a programmer

If you are looking for an energy boost to your day then the following teas are your go-to favorites: green tea, ginseng, ginger, eucalyptus, and hawthorn. Your personal taste preferences will determine which one is best for you but any will give you that much-needed boost to get the job done quicker and happier.

On the other hand, if you dealt with a hard programming job recently and need to relax, you will do well to choose any of these: peppermint, chamomile, lemon balm, passionflower, and lavender tea. Mean to induce calmness, you will find releasing your stress and anxiety to be easier after a cup of tea from any of the previously mentioned origins.

It is common for developers to be overthinkers and analytical, which leads to insomnia or issues going to sleep. We have tea for that too so don’t worry. Try chamomile tea, valerian tea, green tea, lavender tea, or tilia tea.

Headaches are a common occurrence for developers so we have a list of teas that will help calm the pain naturally and deliciously. Ginger tea, peppermint tea, clove tea, willow bark tea, and chamomile tea should give you a bit of relief.


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