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Healthcare Innovations Digest in 2021
Here's the list of innovations up to June 2021: First-in-Class mRNA vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 prevent COVID-19 The global rise of 3D & multiplex printing in healthcare Artificial intelligence deployed for health “Recruitment-MP” - the future of transplant surgery? The ultrasound-guided therapeutic delivery system First-in-Class mRNA vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 prevent COVID-19 Introduction Vaccines provide protective immunity against pathogens. The basic mRNA vaccine technology has been around since the early 1990s, however, technical challenges prevented clinical success, [...]
Anki Learning Method Medical Students
For most medical students, learning is an everyday affair that must be done. Most medical students spend a large portion of their lives learning new concepts and solidifying known ideas. With a large number of materials and textbooks to read through, the learning process can sometimes be a hassle. However, with the help of the Anki learning method, many students have significantly simplified their learning process. As a result, several students that make use of [...]
Different Data Extraction Methods in Healthcare
Data extraction carries a high potential for healthcare applications to allow health policies to regularly utilize data to recognize disorganizations and best methods that enhance care and decrease expenses. Some experts consider the possibilities to develop care and decrease costs could be expensive. But due to the ineffectiveness of healthcare and a more leisurely pace of technology confirmation, this industry struggles behind others in performing efficient data extraction and analytic approaches. AI transforms the field [...]
COVID-19 Data Collection and Processing Across the Globe
Data collections needed to counter COVID-19 COVID-19 epidemiological (who, when, and where) data COVID-19 medical data COVID-19 biological data Who is collecting the data and how? Epidemiology Medical data Biological data Analysis and Results Speed up data collection, extraction, and analysis Data collections needed to counter COVID-19 COVID-19 epidemiological (who, when, and where) data Basic Epidemiology Epidemiological data is needed to understand the status of the virus outbreak, both at the country level and globally. [...]
How to Read a Medical Bill
Reading and understanding a medical bill can be a difficult process. A large percentage of Americans do not entirely comprehend medical bills. The lack of comprehension makes many Americans believe that they are overcharged for medical services. In most cases, the medical and insurance codes and expressions make comprehension difficult. This complication makes it difficult for an ordinary individual to understand a typical medical bill. Also, in the event of an error or an overcharge, [...]
TOP-10 Risk Management Software Solutions for Healthcare
Risk management involves the process of identification, assessment, and categorization of different types of risks keeping in mind resources for the sole purpose of minimization and control of the occurrence of unfortunate events. It is applicable in all aspects of human endeavors, including healthcare. Risk management for healthcare centers is paramount in the administration and delivery of quality services to patients. Healthcare centers must evaluate and regulate risks under the laws and regulations of jurisdictions [...]
Risk Management Tips for Medical Malpractice
The occurrence of risk in healthcare is almost impossible to prevent. However, with proper risk management strategies, the level and frequency of risks can be minimized to the bare minimum, which ultimately leads to the prevention or minimization of potential medical malpractice. Several tips can reduce or prevent medical malpractices. However, there is genuinely no means to prevent individuals or organizations from filing lawsuits in the case of malpractice. In the event of an actual [...]
How to Manage Electronic Health Records
An electronic health record is a digital collection of medical information about a patient’s systematized health histories, such as diagnoses, medicines, tests, allergies, immunizations, and treatment plans by a particular physician, nurse practitioner, specialist, dentist, surgeon or clinic. Electronic health records are easily confused with electronic medical records. However, an electronic medical record is a single practice’s electronic copy of a patient’s chart. These electronic medical records are typically used by providers for diagnosis and [...]
TOP-10 Medical Software for Working with Data
Electronic medical data management or electronic health record (EHR) is a critical tool in the management of data in healthcare centers. It has dramatically improved the general management of patients’ databases together with their health history. Also, it has generally increased the efficiency of the operations of healthcare centers. The massive number of patients each healthcare center handles wouldn't be easy to manage without these types of tools of data management. Modern medical software has [...]
How to Perform a Clinical Audit
Definition of a Clinical Audit This type of audit involves the assessment of the quality of healthcare that is provided to patients with the aim of improving care and recovery. It is carried out using standardized procedures with a view of reviewing the quality of care against the established criteria for quality. A clinical audit, like other forms of audits, allows the health institution to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of its services to prevent [...]