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TOP-10 Medical Software for Working with Data

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Electronic medical data management or electronic health record (EHR) is a critical tool in the management of data in healthcare centers. It has dramatically improved the general management of patients’ databases together with their health history. Also, it has generally increased the efficiency of the operations of healthcare centers. The massive number of patients each healthcare center handles wouldn’t be easy to manage without these types of tools of data management. Modern medical software has analytical and intelligent tools that can efficiently process data into useful information.

The size, nature, and demographic of the registered patients within a healthcare center determine the type of medical data management software to be used. Different medical data management software applications have different features, prices, packages, and strengths and weaknesses. In no particular order, the top-10 medical software for working with data are presented below.

  • Kareo Clinical EHR
  • athenaClinicals EHR
  • DrChrono EHR
  • CureMD EHR
  • SoftClinic Hospital Management Software
  • Webpt electronic medical records (EMR)
  • EHR Your Way
  • Sevocity EHR
  • Centricity EMR
  • ChartLogic EHR

1. Kareo Clinical EHR

The Kareo Clinical EHR is an electronic medical management tool that is created for small private healthcare centers. It contains a calendar, billing system and payment processing, patient portal, and telehealth portal. This EHR increases efficiency and provides better medical care, both physical or remotely to patients. It also helps with daily activities and increases the revenue of healthcare centers. However, it does not have inventory and e-prescription capabilities. The Kareo Clinical EHR pricing begins from $160 per month.

2. athenaClinicals EHR

This EHR is a cloud-based electronic tool that provides services to both small and large healthcare centers. It is a powerful tool that helps healthcare centers to improve privacy, increase efficiency, and minimize errors. The EHR is an intuitive system that requires the minimum amount of training to operate. The pricing of this EHR begins from $140 per month.

3. DrChrono EHR

The basic subscription of the DrChrono EHR costs $199 per month. All sizes of healthcare centers use this EHR. It is compatible with all types of devices, including portable devices such as iOS and Android devices. It has features such as billing and payment management, patient registration and scheduling, e-prescription, patient charting, to name a few.

4. CureMD EHR

The CureMD EHR offers billing services and data management. It is a suitable system for both small and large healthcare facilities. This EHR is slick and allows for creative management of patient records. This is a very secure EHR system that also has a patient portal embedded within it. For the price of $195, a healthcare center can enjoy the services offered by CureMD EHR.

5. SoftClinic Hospital Management Software

The SoftClinic hospital management software is an EHR that is designed to increase the efficiency of work and increase the quality of healthcare that is provided to patients. It is user-friendly and suitable for large and small health care centers. The price of this EHR is only available based on a quotation request.

6. Webpt electronic medical records (EMR)

This EHR is compatible with the working conditions of small and large hospitals. It can be used for free with minimal features. The monthly subscription of the Webpt EMR costs $89, which is relatively cheap for the services it offers. It is optimized for physiotherapists and allows for the sharing of patients’ medical records.

7. EHR Your Way

This EHR is a cheap medical data management software. It costs only $40 for a monthly subscription. It is suitable for medium to large healthcare centers. This software is quite flexible and can be customized to any specifications.

8. Sevocity EHR

The Sevocity is a cloud-based EHR, which is efficient for all sizes of hospitals and clinics. It is quite expensive to own at a rate of $369 per month. It is flexible and has an excellent customer support system.

9. Centricity EMR

This cloud-based EHR provides personalized services to patients of any healthcare center that utilizes the software. The price of the software is given based on a request to the company.

10. ChartLogic EHR

ChartLogic EHR is a popular tool that is used by numerous individuals. It enables the efficiency of work without disrupting the pattern of the workflow of healthcare centers. The price of the EHR is also available based on a request to the company.