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How to Automate Manual Labor in Medicine
The advent of technology, especially automation, has long threatened to take over manual labor in all aspects of human endeavors. The exponential increase in automation is increasingly replacing thousands of jobs all around the world. Although medical care is generally safe from the invasion of the technology of automation, in recent years, automation is already in use in several aspects of medical care. These areas include high-tech precision surgery equipment, body imagery, medication refills, diagnostics, [...]
5 Main Areas of Digital Transformation
Many organizations are actively going through digital transformation, irrespective of the actual industry, irrespective of the organizational structure. Digital transformation presents a wide variety of lucrative incentives such as better sales models and higher customer satisfaction. TABLE OF CONTENT Summary Healthcare Finance Logistics and E-Commerce Telecommunication Hospitality Summary There are certain differences between the transformation of a sector from another. Every organization is different - the organizational structure, processes, and culture vary even between organizations [...]
Healthcare Innovations in January 2020 (Industry Digest)
Check the list of main healthcare innovations in January 2020: “Time-restricted eating” improves the condition of patients with metabolic syndrome An invisible DNA barcode to prevent counterfeiting of prescription drugs PAK4 inhibitor improves the tumor-fighting ability of checkpoint PD-1 immunotherapy CRISPR gene therapy efficiency improved with polymer-stabilized Cas9 nanoparticles TCR-T therapy effective in 4 solid tumor cases “Time-restricted eating” improves the condition of patients with metabolic syndrome Introduction   If a person has three or [...]
Main Digital Transformation Trends in Healthcare
Check the main digital transformation trends in healthcare: Artificial Intelligence is the Driving Force in Healthcare Digital Transformation Transformation of Imaging Telemedicine and Wearables A Revolution in Access to Health Records Conclusion Artificial Intelligence Is The Driving Force In Healthcare Digital Transformation Today one of the main drivers of digital transformation in healthcare is artificial intelligence (AI). This AI is a sophisticated programming code that processes large volumes of data and is used by multiple [...]
TOP-10 Digital Transformation Examples in Medicine
Medical advancements have always impacted the world and ultimately lead to massive changes in the health and well being of individuals. For instance, in 1796  Edward Jenner introduced the smallpox vaccine, it was a stepping stone in medicine and the first successful vaccine to be developed. Today, smallpox has been totally eradicated all over the globe. The next huge medical advancement is set to be in the realm of digital transformation. Even the NHS has [...]
RPA in Healthcare – Use Cases
A recent study found out that companies considered Robotic Process Operations because of improved productivity, as well as enhanced customer experience. Organizations in diverse sectors classified RPA as a progressive leap into the world of Artificial Intelligence. The technology employs software robots, virtual workers, and mimics humans to implement tasks. It can also process complex information at top-notch speed. We explained all these benefits in our article, "What Are The Key Benefits of RPA(Robotic Process [...]