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5 Useful Shortcuts In Google Chrome And Other Browsers

Google Chrome offers some really great and useful shortcuts to its users. It is a fact that most of us remain online during and even after our working day. Therefore, it is imperative for us to take maximum advantage of Google Chrome shortcuts. It will not only help you to save precious time but also enhance your efficiency.
5 Best Chrome Shortcuts to Use:
Following are 5 of the most useful chrome shortcuts to learn.
  • Bookmarking the Current Page:
Sometimes you come across a really great article and want to save or bookmark it for further referencing. Well, it is not very difficult to do when you are using Chrome. Simply, hold Control and Press D or Command and Press D for Windows and Mac respectively.
  • Reopening the Last Closed Tab:
To err is human and every one of us accidently closes pages which hold great importance for our work. You don’t need to worry because you can easily restore them by pressing Control, Shift and T in Windows and Command, Shift and T in Mac.
  • Open Next and Previous Tabs:
You can open countless tabs at the same time using Chrome or any other modern browser. However, it is a cumbersome task to drag your mouse to each of those tabs to view them. Now, you can quickly open the next tab using a very useful Google Chrome shortcut. If you are using Windows, just hold Control and press Tab. For Mac, hold Command and Option together and then press right arrow key and you are good to go.
Similarly, you can rapidly visit the previous tab by holding Control and pressing 9 in Windows. For Mac, hold Command and Option and then press the left arrow key.
  • Take Cursor to Search Bar:
When you are browsing internet, you have to search new things regularly. Well, you really don’t like to drag your mouse to search bar again and again to start a new search. In this regard, Google Chrome makes things really convenient for you. You can take your cursor to the search bar simply by holding Command and L in Mac or Control and L in Windows.
  • Opening Downloads Folder:
Sometimes you download something for quick referencing but cannot open the Downloads folder quickly enough. If you are using Google Chrome, you can open the Downloads folder and locate your desired file in a flash of light. For Mac, hold Command and Shift and then press J for instantly opening the Downloads folder. In Windows you can accomplish the task by holding Control and pressing J.
All of these shortcuts are very easy to learn. You must invest few minutes to learn them especially when you are spending 80% of your time online.


photo credit: Adjust contrast via photopin (license)