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ByteScout Released New Suites

ByteScout released 3 all-in-one software for developers:
 1) Bytescout Data Extraction Suite

Includes 3 Data Extraction Tools:

  • PDF Extractor SDK converts PDF to text, extracts images from PDF, PDF to CSV for Excel, PDF to XML
  • BarCode Reader SDK reads almost any barcodes from PDF, TIF, images, webcam in ASP.NET and desktop apps
  • Spreadsheet SDK reads and writes XLS, XLSX, CSV files without Excel installed in ASP.NET, server-side, desktop apps

2) ByteScout BarCodes Suite

Includes 3 tools:

  • Barcode Generator SDK
  • Barcode Reader SDK
  • Spreadsheet SDK

3) Bytescout PDF Suite

Includes 5 tools:

  • PDF Generator SDK
  • PDF Extractor SDK
  • PDF Viewer SDK
  • PDF Renderer SDK
  • PDF Generator SDK for Javascript

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