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Best Backpacks For Computer Geeks

A backpack is an extremely important accessory for anyone who uses a laptop. It is crucial to protect your laptop if you want to increase its efficiency and lifespan. No matter you are a student or a mountaineer, you need a backpack which can keep your laptop safe from external factors days in and days out.
Following lines compare some of the best, most stylish and cost effective backpacks.

Following lines compare some of the best, most stylish and cost effective backpacks.
Laptop Fit
Asus ROG Nomad
Ice Red AVA Urban Backpack
Booq’s Mamba Daypack
Timbuk2 Rogue

How to Choose a Good Backpack:
There are many things you need to remember while choosing a good backpack for your expensive machine. Some of them are mentioned below.
  • It should Fit your Laptop:
You often come across people whose backpacks do not fit the size of their computers. You need to choose a backpack which can easily accommodate your machine to achieve maximum protection. An oversized or undersized bag will increase your chances of damaging your machine.
  • It should be Comfortable to Carry:
You need to have the backpack which is comfortable to carry especially if you often have long walks. Straps should be soft, tight and well ventilated.
  • Do You Want to Carry Extra Things in the Bag?
A cheap backpack will do the job if you only carry necessary accessories with your laptop. On the other hand, it is important to buy the bag which comes with especially designed pockets and extra compartments if you have to carry your iPhone, tablet, documents, pens, disks and other similar stuff to your university or workplace.
  • Safety from Knocks and Hard Impacts:
The first and foremost job of you backpack is to keep your laptop safe. Safety requirements for every laptop vary. Your bag should be able to meet the requirement of you particular model. The bag should also have foam padding which is necessary to protect your laptop against bumps and shocks.  
  • Backpack should be Waterproof:
You can accidentally drop you bag in a puddle, spill any liquid on it or just get caught in bad weather. Therefore, your backpack should be showerproof and waterproof to minimize the effect of these extremely damaging elements.
  • It should Look Good:

Last but not the least; you must also consider the overall look of the backpack after meeting all the other practical and important requirements. While satisfying your own taste, you must also consider how others see you. For example, a more formal backpack is a must if you are wearing corporate attire. On the other hand, complement your rugged appearance with a rugged looking backpack.