ByteScout is constantly working on new improvements and bug fixes. We love developers and would like to let them have the best experience when using our tools.

Take a look at the recent update at ByteScout:

Barcode Reader SDK

Here’s the version dated by August 1, 2017 of Barcode Reader SDK. This tool is a perfect solution if you need to read 1D and 2D barcodes. Here’s what was added/improved in this version:

    • New methods of barcodes decoding from the image file in memory were added (stream or byte array);
    • Crashed with Heuristic Mode enabled, were fixed;
    • WIAImageScanner class can now acquire multiple images from still imaging devices;
    • ReadFromHBitmap() method crashing on x86 platform is fixed;
    • New DPM DataMatrix decoder (BETA);
    • Better PDF documents rendering is reached.

Barcode Reader Freeware

We have a freeware product based on Barcode Reader SDK. New version appeared a few days ago. There were some improvements and fixes in the latest version which is now totally updated and ready to use:

  • Some problems with Heuristic Mode were fixed;
  • DPM DataMatrix decoder was updated;
  • Rendering of PDF files.

Barcode Generator SDK

Barcode generator is a well-developed online tool that allows generating perfect readable barcodes, adds them to any PDF document with 1D and 2D barcodes support. A new version is available since August 1, 2017.

Barcode Generator freeware

This free utility is based on Barcode Generator SDK. A new version from August 1, 2017 appeared with
new bug fixes and totally improved.

Bytescout PDF Extractor SDK

PDF Extractor SDK  is a complete utility that allows merging, splitting PDF files, extracting meta data and much more. A new update became available on August 1, 2017, and it came with version Check what can be found there:

    • KeepOriginalFontNames property added in XMLExtractor, HTMLExtractor and JSONExtractor;
    • GetChanges() methodTextComparer added to get comparison results;
    • Page specification for rotation is now possible in DocumentRotator.

ByteScout PDF Multitool

PDF Multitool is a global tool that allows working with PDF documents on a daily basis. A new version appeared on August 1, 2017. The following improvements can be seen in this version:

  • TextExractor.ExtractColumnByColumn property updates.
  • Speedy conversion to 1-bit and 8-bit images.

ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK

PDF renderer new version dated by August 1, 2017:

  • Crash on 64-bit CMYK images was eventually fixed;
  • RenderingOptions.OneBitConversionAlgorithm property updated.

ByteScout PDF SDK

The updated program version (August 1, 2017) includes the following changes:

  • Improved watermarks and handling of big files;
  • Operational improvements.


Version (August 1, 2017):

  • Subscript and superscript text objects were fixed;
  • KeepOriginalFontNames property updated in HTMLExtractor.

ByteScout PDF Viewer SDK

PDF Viewer benefits in the version (August 1, 2017):

  • PDFViewerControl.Rotation property appears as an update;
  • CMYK embedded images crash was fixed.