Learning About Twitter API (Part 1)

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Twitter is the world’s most famous micro-blogging platform with over 315 million of monthly active users. Twitter is the social platform with largest number of verified celebrities. Like Facebook, people can share statuses (limited to 140 characters), photos and videos. Twitter also provides API for developers to integrate their applications and websites with twitter. You would have often seen the “Sign in with Twitter” option on many website; that is provided Twitter API. There are several online resources which provide references and examples for twitter API usage:
The best source for learning anything about a technology is the official website. Twitter has a dedicated subdomain for developers named dev.twitter.com where all the development related stuff including the API and related references is available. For more details as to how to program using twitter API check this link out.

Tutsplus is an online platform that provides technical training, primarily in the domain of computer science and IT. The website contains thousands of video tutorial catering to different languages and technologies. The blog section of the website contains a detailed tutorial on the usage of twitter API in a software application. Check it out here.