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Best Freelance Websites for Developers, Designers and Writers

Freelancing has recently evolved as one of the most profitable industries. Many organizations prefer to outsource their work rather than hiring a full-time in-house employee. Similarly, people who want freedom at work and want to work according to their own schedule prefer freelance jobs rather than full time, in-house jobs. Freelancing has both pros and cons for the employee as well as the employer. In this article, we have provided details of some of the most popular freelance sites where developers, designers, and writers can find lucrative jobs. Similarly, employees can find quality and cost-effective freelancers on these freelance platforms. Many companies looking for freelancers got results after using one of them.
C:UsershpDesktopsilicon-drinkabout-cohosted-elance-00.jpegElance is the freelance website with the highest competition per job ratio. Elance was developed in 1999. Elance is user-friendly and has the simplest interface among all the freelance websites. Projects are divided into several categories and freelance can subscribe to any of these categories. There are four types of account on Elance, free, basic individual, small company, and large company. A user can query project by their category, expiration date and amount. Similarly, the employee can also search the freelancer on the bases of several attributes such as skills, number of jobs and earnings. Elance has the safest payment protection mechanism where after awarding the job, employee funds the escrow and after the job is completed, funds are released. A very good thing about Elance is that it also provides moderation services between the employee and employer in case of conflicts. Some employers consider Elance the best website to hire freelancers.


C:UsershpDesktopdownload.jpgoDesk is one of the earliest freelance websites in the internet. Odesk, is rated as the top freelance websites by freelancing websites around the world. Similar to elance, at oDesk, jobs are categorized according to their types. Major categories include software development, graphic designing, and writing. Apart from technical jobs, marketing and advertisement jobs are also available. oDesk is secure and robust. Anyone looking to start freelance development, designing and writing jobs as well as freelance marketing jobs should definitely sign up with oDesk. The easiest freelance jobs can be found here.