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How to Hire Developers on UpWork: tips and tricks

How To Hire Developers on UpWork

Learning how to find a web developer on any platform can be daunting, but it shouldn’t have to be impossible. Finding a good web developer on UpWork can be straightforward if you know what to look for and what to ask. We shall discuss a variety of tips and tricks that will get you on the right track towards finding a freelance web developer on the popular and efficient Upwork platform.

Consider learning the basics yourself

If you wish to detect when someone knows the subject, then it is wise to at least know the basics yourself. Knowing what a developer does exactly will help you ask the right questions to any potential programmer applying for the job.

This does not mean you have to be a developer yourself, it just means that you should know what you are talking about when seeking to find a website programmer. It is also important to ask the freelancer about previous projects and if possible, look at existing or past finalized tasks. Don’t be afraid to ask about qualifications and web developer freelance rates before contracting.

Give a test project

Before deciding on the freelancer that will complete your main task, you should consider giving a test project to a few developers before selecting someone.

The test project should be similar to what you are looking for and expecting the developer to do in the original job. Having a test run with a few freelancers will provide you with a wider range of criteria to select the best and most qualified candidate.

Test projects can be simpler and should be valued at a lower price than a full-blown project. It may also be necessary to let the web developers in question know that it is a trial of sorts to avoid any issues.

Hire slowly

This might be a problem for many who are looking for a quick turnout for their project, but it is essential that you give yourself time to hire slowly. This means that you do not go for the first web developer you find or even one with a full rating.

You need to take your time to fully investigate and get to know who you are hiring, especially if this is a beginning project. Start thinking of potential web developers as soon as possible and start initiating contact.

If you hire a good programmer, you can always ask for references for future tasks. Making the searching and hiring process a team effort is another good idea if you already have reliable people working with you.

Understand this important fact: a good website, software, or project is not built on one sole person. Good results will only happen with a united, cooperating, and motivated team of experts that put their heads together to make it so.


Do not try to find a superstar web developer and give them an explicit role to break or make your team. It is necessary to understand the abilities and difficulties that each member of your team has.


However, you should also be aware that you need to seek talent and not longevity. It is better to hire a great web developer and have them leave after the job is done than keeping them and never looking for better or different.

Coding skills vs. communicative skills

Hiring someone solely based on their coding skills as a developer may not be the wisest choice. Having social and communicative skills goes a long way in arriving at deals and expressing expectations, clarifying issues, and more. It goes beyond hiring a good web developer, you two must work together to completely understand the objectives and results you wish.

They must be willing and able to update you on statuses and explain any problems, as well as cordially set deadlines and price rates. You are working with a real person, even if they are behind an inanimate screen.

What motivates a website developer

Finding a freelance web developer should be easy if you have the right job in mind. Programmers, or at least the good ones, are attracted to challenging jobs that will allow them to put their abilities to full use. If you are offering easy jobs, then any type of developer may come along to apply. However, if you are dealing with a hefty task that requires dedication, time, and knowledge then expect real developers to be interested.

Depends on the company

Many developers will also rather work with smaller companies or open-source companies. This is not saying that big companies cannot find amazing developers. It just means that your chances increase if you happen to be a small or open-source company.

Believe it or not, people love working for things they feel personally involved with and that is why these types of companies receive more applicants. A self-motivated employee is a great bonus and will resolve many issues that large companies struggle with.


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