Interesting Facts about QR Code. Part 2

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  • Smart phones used to scan QR codes are often expensive in comparison with simpler phones.
  • Relatively new barcode type, people are not much familiar with its use. Requires training in order to fully understand the concept.
  • Not very aesthetic, it contains random patterns of square boxes which might not look pleasing on products unlike 1-d barcodes.



  • BarCode Generator SDK screenshot

    Used for document management, tracking products and time, inventory management, item identification and marketing purposes.

  • Widely used in automotive companies in Japan.
  • Business cards often contain QR codes inscribed on them which may contain related information to the websites or the links to the resume of a person.
  • QR code enabled scavenger hunt was introduced by Starbucks for promotion purposes which contained information regarding the hints encoded in the QR code.
  • Darling National Wildlife Refuge in Florida (USA) uses QR codes in trails which contain links to the detailed information regarding the animals.

Interesting Fact: The QR codes technology is free of any license, so you don’t have to worry about terms of use either for printing your business card or for developing a new software to read QR codes.