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Virtual Reality is Real (Part 1)
  Are you one of those people who used to daydream about Pokémon being real and you went around catching and training them? (It’s okay, you don’t need be embarrassed.)  With the advances in the field of virtual reality today it may become, well, a virtual reality. The market has been fooled in the past with companies over hyping devices and calling them “groundbreaking” (let’s not even talk about the seizure/headache inducing Virtual Boy from [...]
Show & Tell : Landing that job! Part 2
The part 1 of the article is here4. Create a game Besides games being entertaining, even after you’ve slaved through codes trying to create it, you’ll be able to impress the potential employer with your enthusiasm. Start with small, simple games, and if you feel brave, opt for bigger ones with more variables. Pick the one you’re most proud of even if it’s not your best game creation. Again, the potential employer wants to be assured [...]
Happy Holidays Discounts: save up to 15%
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from ByteScout! Hope everyone is doing well and is ready for the holiday!  Bytescout values your contributions to our products, so we're setting you up with a 15% discount on all our products to use over the holidays. Enter the coupon code  BYTE-J8AJ-KBQL on a purchase page to get the discount and you're good to go!    This offer is available for a limited time December 25th, 2014 - [...]
1. Makeover a website of a local companyEveryone is on the internet and wired in at this point. Yes, even grandma. The company you’re most likely trying to land a job with most likely has a website, and if their local, most likely don’t have it updated too often. If you can come into the interview and show them that you took their frumpy cluttered website and turned into a sleek information station, you’ll gain [...]
New: ByteScout Screen Capturing SDK 2.30.860
ByteScout released Screen Capturing SDK 2.30.860 on November 25, 2014. What's new ByteScout Screen Capturing SDK 2.30.860: improved screen recording functionality; new QT source code sample ; new Registration Free Deployment sample (how to use the SDK without the installation); new function to capture screenshots during recording into PNG or BMP image files:; see new properties .ScreenshotSavingType, .ScreenshotOutputFolder, .ScreenshotImageFormat and TakeScreenshot() method; minor fixes.
ByteScout's November PDF libraries updates for developer arePDF Extractor SDK 5.10.1747 and PDF To HTML SDK 5.10.1750.What's new ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK 5.10.1747:PDF to XML, PDF to CSV, PDF to Text functions improved;now supports text extraction from text controls;XML extractor now adds font style, size, name, text coordinates into <text> tags;ASP.NET sample for OCR usage added;new property OCRLanguageDataFolder to specify the location of "tessdata" folder;improved support of PDF files;improves support for rotated text;updated source code samples;updated documentation;minor improvements and fixes.What's new ByteScout [...]
Read the 1st part of the article  Judy Estrin, the CEO of JLABS, LLC, is known as a strong woman role model in the technology field, and with 8 successful entrepreneur projects, it's clear to see why. She holds a B.S. degree in math and computer science from UCLA, as well as an M.S. in electrical engineering from Stanford University. In college, Estrin worked with the research group at Stanford headed by the man dubbed [...]
Most Famous Women Leaders In Technology
Remember when computers and technology were regarded as a man’s field of interest, where females had no business? This has changed over time, most drastically in the 2000’s. Now there are countless executive women in technology related job positions all over the globe. However, this article is going to focus on three in particular. Tracy Chou is currently the senior engineer at Pinterest. She started as an intern for both Google and Facebook. Facebook eventually [...]
How to start programming?The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 22.8 percent employment growth for software developers in the next ten years, one of the faster growing when it comes to employment. It's estimated that about 130,000 positions will need filling within that time. So how does one land one of these positions? Keep reading. 1. Get knowledgedA bachelors degree is a normally required for software development positions, especially with big well-established companies. What if I [...]
Thanksgiving Discount for ByteScout Software
Thanksgiving celebrating with ByteScout Discount info was published at the ByteScout forums but our blog's readers could use it also. We appreciate your time and attention to our publications. The coupon code is valid till 31st December 2014, so don't delay! Here is the link. Celebrate Thanksgiving with ByteScout! Happy holiday!