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New: ByteScout BarCode and PDF Developer Software Video Reviews

Watch video reviews for developer’s libraries from ByteScout Software:

  1. PDF Extractor SDK Video Review: the demo of PDF Extractor SDK step-by-step from installation process, PDF Viewer GUI and documentation review to some features demo: text extraction, table extraction, XFA Forms extraction, OCR demo, ZUGFerD extraction.
  2. PDF To HTML SDK Video Review shows main features with easy way: installation, samples and documentation review. Converting pdf to html using the PDF viewer demo utility is demonstrated with samples of choosing css based conversion and the optimized images options. ByteScout PDF To HTML SDK detail info is here.
  3. BarCode Generator SDK Video Review shows how ByteScout BarCode Generator SDK works and Visual Studio integration demonstration.
  4. Barcode Reader SDK Video Review demonstrates the ByteScout BarCode Reader SDK working from the installation process and documentation to Visual Studio integration, reading barcodes from image files, PDF and multipage TIFF, specific barcode decoding.
Are the SDK’s video reviews either for very lazy or very progressive developers?

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