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Most Famous Women Leaders In Technology

Remember when computers and technology were regarded as a man’s field of interest, where females had no business? This has changed over time, most drastically in the 2000’s. Now there are countless executive women in technology related job positions all over the globe. However, this article is going to focus on three in particular.

  1. Tracy Chou is currently the senior engineer at Pinterest. She started as an intern for both Google and Facebook. Facebook eventually offered her a job position, which she turned down for an opportunity to work as Quora’s second in command engineer. Beyond her job at Pinterest, Tracy also manages a project called “Where are the numbers?”,which demands large technology companies to release accurate hiring statistics in regards to gender, in order to ensure the playing field is fair.  While Tracy doesn’t have a background as involved in technology as the two women below, her path is important due to the fact she is still quite young (26) and already a senior engineer and a very large and successful company.
  2.  Sandy Carter is IBM General Manager and Ecosystem Development. She is in charge of IBM’s overall association with autonomous programming merchants (ISVs), which contributes to more or less one-third of IBM’s total income. In addition she also handles the relationship with those who make up IBM’s industry-heading biological system of influences, the development, academic, and venture capital communities. Their main focus is centered around basic regions of business topics such as cloud, social, and analytic. It is recorded that these areas of business have the potential to bring in a trillion dollars of profit by 2015, which makes it clear that IBM believes that Carteris the right person for the position if they’re comfortable with placing her in a role responsible for that much of their potential revenue. Carter helped establish the WITI (Women in Technology International) Global Executive Network (GEN) program for women executives. Carter is also a member of the American Management Association (AMA),  WITI Executive Advisory Council, the Global Advisory Board of the World Brand Congress, and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Inner Circle.