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How to Copy Write Your Code

Many of our blog posts have had the goal in mind to provide tips, tricks, and market information to developers during the developmental stages of their projects, but we feel we haven’t covered a big part of the picture, protecting what’s yours from theft, as well as what license to attach to your project to reflect your sharing boundaries. If you find you’re in the final stages of your project and haven’t reflected on copy write, read through this and we’ll help you along.

Source Code Sample
Source Code Sample

From the ground up: What exactly is a license and why do I need one? 

A license is a permission granted by a copyright holder to others to reproduce or distribute a work. It is a means to allow others to have some rights when it comes to using a work without assigning the copyright to others.

This leads us to “Open Source Software” and “Free Software“. The two terms are frequently utilized reciprocally, they differ slightly. The expression “Free Software” applies generally to software licensed in a way that requires that any code that makes use of the free software code must itself be free. The “free” in “Free Software” applies to the flexibility to view the code. “Open Source” is a more cover term that just applies to a program in which the source code is noticeable and uninhibitedly conveyed.

Open Source programming does not so much oblige that its use likewise is Open Source. Therefore Free Software is Open Source, yet Open Source is not so much Free Software. 

Closed Source Licenses

Copyright law and permitting apply to the program just as much as it does to composing. The greater part of the product that the normal individual uses every day falls under a restrictive permit. That is, the client is not allowed to appropriate the product to others. This is frequently called “shut source” programming, however that term may be marginally deceptive as programming can have its source code obvious, yet not permit open appropriation. Moreover, it is workable for shut source programming to permit others to unreservedly disperse it as on account of a lot of people’s free utilities.

Open Source Licenses

Basically, the copyright holder permits the source code to be manipulated and distributed by others in any way he or she sees fit. The expense to draft a custom open-source permit is restrictive.

Picking A License: Alright already! What do I choose?  


Regardless of the plenty of licenses, all in all, the one you pick will be based on how to want your project to be handled or manipulated. On the off chance that you fall under the free programming camp and accept that all products ought to be free, then you may float towards The GNU General Public License (GPL).

The GPL is intended to ensure the client’s opportunity to impart and change the product authorized under its terms. At the point when utilizing GPL code, no extra confinements may be connected to coming about items. In the event that you wish to utilize GPL code inside your own undertaking, then your own particular task must be authorized in a good way with GPL. In this way, the GPL code has a tendency to generate more GPL code. It is not reasonable under the GPL to utilize GPL as a part of exclusive programming while keeping that product shut source.

For others with no issue with utilizing open source programming inside exclusive programming, the MIT license or BSD license may be more fitting.

Fundamentally, these licenses don’t give any confinements on how the product may be replicated, adjusted, or fused into different ventures separated from attribution. Also, you can take code from a BSD authorized license and join it into your restrictive programming. You can even attempt to offer BSD authorized programming. Since you can’t limit others from essentially getting the source code, offering open-source authorized programming as is makes for a troublesome suggestion.

So there you have it! Questions, comments? Feel free to let us know your thoughts, and keep on coding.


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