MySQL Server History and Advantages

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MySQL server is one of the most widely used relational database management system. It is estimated that over 100 million copies of MySQL server have been downloaded worldwide by individuals, corporate companies and small scale organizations. MySQL is an open source and freeware database server that provides numerous advanced database functionalities. Google, yahoo, Facebook, Nokia, Wikipedia and several famous organizations have employed MySQL for data processing.


MySQL AB, a Swedish company is credited with being founder of MySQL database server. Three engineers: two Swedish, named David Axmark and Allan Larsson and one Finn, named Micheal Widenius, commonly known as “Monty” started work on development of MySQL server on May 23, 1995. MySQL AB was later on acquired by Sun which was in turn acquired by Oracle Corporation. Currently, MySQL server is developed, updated and maintained by Oracle Corporation.
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MySQL database server has lots of advantages over its competitors. Some of these advantages have been explained below.
  • Open Source and Cost Effective
The best thing about MySQL server is that this is open source and it has a free version as well. By open source software, we mean that the code of the software is available and anyone can tailor it according to his requirement. Companies prefer MySQL because they don’t have to pay anything for this excellent product.
  • Portability
MySQL is cross platform database server. MySQL can be run on a variety of platforms including Windows, OS2, Linux and Solaris. Portability of MySQL server makes it suitable for applications that target multiple platforms particularly web application. MySQL contains API for almost all the major programming languages and can be easily integrated with the languages like PHP, C++, Perl, C, Python and ruby. In fact, MySQL is a part of the famous LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) server stack which is used worldwide for web application development.
  • Seamless Connectivity
Various secure and seamless connection mechanisms are available in order to connect with MySQL server. These connections include named pipes, TCP/IP sockets and UNIX Sockets.
  • Rapid Development and Continuous Updates
Being an open source product, MySQL has a very large developer community which releases regular patches and updates for MySQL. Several database templates have been developed which can be readily used and modified resulting in rapid application development.
  • Security
MySQL server databases are extremely secure and all the data access scenarios are protected via password and good thing about these passwords is that they are stored in encrypted form and it is not easy to break these advanced and complex encryption algorithms.


MySQL server is highly recommended specially for those organizations who prefer open source software applications which are reliable, fast, portable and secure at the same time.