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How to convert PDF to PNG in VB.NET using ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK

This tutorial will show how to convert PDF to PNG in VB.NET

Source code documentation samples provide quick and easy way to add a required functionality into your application. ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK: the component (SDK) that renders PDF into high quality images and thumbnails. Includes various functions like page by page processing, BMP, PNG, TIFF or stream output. Can be used from web and desktop applications. It can convert PDF to PNG in VB.NET.

This code snippet below for ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK works best when you need to quickly convert PDF to PNG in your VB.NET application. In order to implement the functionality, you should copy and paste this code for VB.NET below into your code editor with your app, compile and run your application. Use of ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK in VB.NET is also explained in the documentation included along with the product.

ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK free trial version is available on our website. VB.NET and other programming languages are supported.

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Imports System.Collections.Generic Imports Bytescout.PDFRenderer Class Program Friend Shared Sub Main(args As String()) ' Specify Image Generation Inputs Dim imageGenerationInputs As New ImageGenerationInputs() imageGenerationInputs.AddCustomSize(width:=320, height:=420) imageGenerationInputs.AddCustomSize(width:=600, height:=800) imageGenerationInputs.EnableSaveAsPng = True imageGenerationInputs.EnableSaveAsJpeg = True imageGenerationInputs.EnableSaveAsTiff = True ' Create an instance of Bytescout.PDFRenderer.RasterRenderer object and register it. Dim renderer As New RasterRenderer() renderer.RegistrationName = "demo" renderer.RegistrationKey = "demo" ' Load PDF document. renderer.LoadDocumentFromFile("multipage.pdf") ' Specify Rendering Options to fine tune output generation Dim RenderingOptions As New RenderingOptions() RenderingOptions.TIFFCompression = TIFFCompression.None RenderingOptions.VectorSmoothingMode = GraphicsTransformationQuality.HighQuality ' Loop through each custom size specified For Each itmCustomSize As KeyValuePair(Of Int32, Int32) In imageGenerationInputs.CustomSizes ' Loop through all pages For pageIndex As Integer = 0 To renderer.GetPageCount() - 1 ' Perform save as PNG, if specified If imageGenerationInputs.EnableSaveAsPng Then Dim pngImageName As String = {code}quot;output_{itmCustomSize.Key}x{itmCustomSize.Value}_page{pageIndex + 1}.png" ' Save png image per page, per custom size renderer.Save( destFileName:=pngImageName, outputFormat:=RasterImageFormat.PNG, pageIndex:=pageIndex, width:=itmCustomSize.Key, height:=itmCustomSize.Value, renderingOptions:=RenderingOptions ) Console.WriteLine(pngImageName + " - Generated") End If ' Perform save as JPG, if specified If imageGenerationInputs.EnableSaveAsJpeg Then Dim jpgImageName As String = {code}quot;output_{itmCustomSize.Key}x{itmCustomSize.Value}_page{pageIndex + 1}.jpg" ' Save jpg image per page, per custom size renderer.Save( destFileName:=jpgImageName, outputFormat:=RasterImageFormat.JPEG, pageIndex:=pageIndex, width:=itmCustomSize.Key, height:=itmCustomSize.Value, renderingOptions:=RenderingOptions ) Console.WriteLine(jpgImageName + " - Generated") End If Next ' Perform save as TIFF, if specified If imageGenerationInputs.EnableSaveAsTiff Then Dim tiffImageName As String = {code}quot;output_{itmCustomSize.Key}x{itmCustomSize.Value}.tiff" ' Save tiff image per page, per custom size renderer.SaveMultipageTiff( destFileName:=tiffImageName, startPageIndex:=0, endPageIndex:=renderer.GetPageCount() - 1, width:=itmCustomSize.Key, height:=itmCustomSize.Value, renderingOptions:=RenderingOptions) Console.WriteLine(tiffImageName + " - Generated") End If Next ' Cleanup renderer.Dispose() Console.ReadLine() End Sub End Class Class ImageGenerationInputs #Region "Constructors" Public Sub New() CustomSizes = New List(Of KeyValuePair(Of Integer, Integer))() EnableSaveAsPng = True End Sub #End Region #Region "Properties" Public Property CustomSizes As List(Of KeyValuePair(Of Int32, Int32)) Public Property EnableSaveAsPng As Boolean Public Property EnableSaveAsJpeg As Boolean Public Property EnableSaveAsTiff As Boolean #End Region #Region "Methods" Public Sub AddCustomSize(ByVal width As Int32, ByVal height As Int32) CustomSizes.Add(New KeyValuePair(Of Integer, Integer)(width, height)) End Sub #End Region End Class

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